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May 20, 2010

Santouka Ramen

I just had ramen yesterday at Deli Nippon so I was a little bit miffed at my friend’s choice of Ramen for dinner today as our party gathered at Santouka Ramen to celebrate the belated end of exams.

I ordered the Shio Ramen while my friends ordered the Miso Ramen, and the Pork Jowel and Shoyu Ramen. The pork jowl was said to be lean and tasty!

Note: I got the ramen without the fish cake and fungus

I thoroughly enjoyed my bowl of Shio Ramen ($8.95). The shio broth was creamy and salty and the noodles were firm. Their broth is said to be made of pork spareribs boiled for two days. The shio ramen came with two slices of pork which were marbled with fat. This pork was quite lean compared to the pork I’ve had at other ramen places. Other than the broth and the pork, the ingredients were fresh but were nothing out of the ordinary save for the little salted plum in the center of the dish. I haven’t had this before. I ate a little bit of it but I didn’t really like it. Nearing the bottom of the bowl, the broth started to taste heavily of salt and MSG.

You can choose from small ($1 less than regular price), regular, or large ($1 more than regular price) and add extra meat or toppings (for an additional charge)!

Cash only.
Hokkaido Ramen Santouka on Urbanspoon

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