$5.50 Sandwiches at the Delly

Hi Stephanie here,

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been addicted to the $5.50 Sandwiches at the Delly.  The Delly, located in the UBC Student Union Building is really great! I think it’s one

So simple, but so good!

of the few places on campus that doesn’t serve really greasy food. And it’s quite tasty and also healthier than most things you can get at the sub.

At the Delly, you just go up the counter and order your sandwich and they make it right in front of you! It’s like subway, but no assembly line). They have different varieties of meats such as pastrami (my favourite), turkey breast, slices of chicken breast, montreal smoked beef etc. I usually change up the meats but I always get the same toppings : edam cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, raw red onions, green pepper, cucumber, mayo and salt & pepper on multigrain bread.

The sandwiches at the Delly are just normal sandwiches (i.e. you can easily make it home) but there’s something at the Delly that make them taste so good! Probably because they have so much stuff in it, and I’m too lazy to make my sandwiches have that much filling in it. Anyway, for $5.50, the sandwich is really filling so I think it’s a pretty good deal! Go check it out!

PSST: I heard if you get chicken breast with avacado, it’s a really good combo!
Delly on Urbanspoon


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