$2.29 Costco Fries

Hi Stephanie here,

So cheap!

So it was another day of intense studying with GP.  Our Saturday study sessions usually turn out into an adventure, and this was quite the adventure! If you don’t know what our study sessions are like, visit our earlier post: $6.95 Mediocre Beef Broth Soup at H-Mart Food Court for the deets. If you’re ever at Central Library downtown on Saturdays, you’ll probably find us!

I’m pretty excited to write this post, because this has been one of our most cheapest study sessions yet! For dinner, we decided on Costco, which is

$4.29 Poutine

located next to stadium skytrain station. We were planning to visit Costco around 5ish (Costco food Court closes on 6 on Saturdays), but we were kicked out of the library because there was a fire alarm. No worries! We were getting quite hungry anyway, since we skipped lunch.

So GP and I decided to get the $1.50 hot dog and drink deal.  We also decided to get a Poutine ($4.29) to share and our friend got the regular Fries ($2.29).  My other friend got a twist cone  for

Twist cone!


I’ve had Costco fries before, and I think they are really good! They’re very crispy on the outside, and the outside has some crunchy bits on it. I don’t know how to describe it- they’re really good. (although, I am sure they are quite unhealthy). You definitely have to try them. For $2.29, these are a fantastic deal! The only place that I’ve been that I know that has something similar is Cattle Cafe! (Yes, the HK Style Cafe). See my post: $6.25 Pork Chop in French Bun at Cattle Cafe. The poutine was OK. I don’t these type of fries worked well with the gravy and cheese curds, but nonetheless, GP and I finished everything. Overall, the prices are dirt cheap and the portions are quite large. Thumbs up to Costco Food Court!

PSST: The cheapest meal at Costco is probably their $1.50 Hot Dog and Drink (US). I went the the states and it’s a $1.50 there as well! See $1.50 Costco Hot Dog and Drink (US). The hot dog is 1/4 of a pound! So filling… 🙂
Costco Food Court on Urbanspoon


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