$2.75 Turkey Roast Sandwich at The Delly (UBC)

Hi Stephanie here,

Only $2.75!

For those of you who go to UBC, there’s a little special deal every Friday happening at the Delly in  the UBC Sub. After 3pm on Fridays, EVERYTHING at the Delly is 1/2 price!! Well ok, I must say that I’m not sure it’s EVERYTHING but I know the wraps, sandwiches, baked items and soup are all 1/2 price. What a deal!

I’ve blogged a couple times about the offerings at the Delly such as $1.50 Hot Baked Items – The Delly (UBC) and $2 Large Chicken Curry Soup – The Delly (UBC Sub)

So I was working at UBC on a Friday, and I finished my work around 2:45pm. Perfect timing! I headed over the Delly for some cheap eats.  I got the Turkey Breast Sandwich for $2.75 (including tax!) and it was great! The sandwich had a good amount of sliced turkey in it, and there were lots of vegetables- tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce and pickles. It also had mayo and mustard.

PPST: I recommend you go to the Delly at 2:55pm. You just want to hit that perfect time, when the Delly starts advertising the 1/2 special. The line-up gets really long pretty fast and people stock up on these items too! I saw one person buy  15 wraps.
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One Comment to “$2.75 Turkey Roast Sandwich at The Delly (UBC)”

  1. soup is also only $2 after 3pm everyday… but not all of their soups are good!

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