$12.95 All You Can Eat Sushi at Toyama Japanese Restaurant


Stephanie here,

This is another post I’m pretty excited to write about.  Since I’m going to be working downtown this summer, I thought it might be good to pre-build a list of eating destinations in downtown. One of those restaurants on that list happened to be Toyama Japanese Restaurant on Seymour St.  I always notice it on my way walking to the Central Library, where I usually study with GP.

However, it was the last day of classes for the winter term and one of my friends suggested Toyama Sushi to eat and celebrate. (Yes .. if you haven’t noticed, we celebrate a lot. I think we’ve gone out the eat for almost every midterm, final exam and last day of classes)

Toyama Sushi offers all you can eat sushi for $12.95 for lunch. For dinner, it’s $19.95. As a poor starving student, here’s a tip: Only go for late night or lunch AYCE sushi, cause dinner is quite expensive.

For $12.95, AYCE Lunch is average – I think the cheapest I’ve seen is $9.95 for lunch, but that is quite rare nowadays. I previously posted about Tomokazu (See $10.95 Late Night All You Can Eat Sushi at Tomokazu)which offered $10.95 AYCE Late Night but since then it’s risen to $12.95.

Anyway, back to the food! Overall, I thought that the items we had were very good. In my opinion, this place ranks just as high as Tomokazu and I would go back here again. The cooked items were very good – my favourite were the beef short-ribs, (a bit greasy though) and the rolls were quite decent as well. The sushi rice as a bit gummy but it worked. My favourite was the BC Roll.  The salmon sushi was fresh, and I think they used sockeye salmon (b/c of the colour), which I liked. The average items that I thought were only so-so was the Agedashi Tofu and Ebi Sunomono. The ebi sunomono was not that great actually- the noodles were too hard and it wasn’t really vinegary. The chicken karaage was pretty good as well.  One thing I like about Toyama is their variety – they had some unusual items such as yam fries (good, but very oily) and croquette.

The only thing that was a bit disappointing was that sashimi was extra charge. Though it wasn’t too bad, but we compensated by ordering lots of salmon sushi. 😀

Overall, the AYCE lunch items at Toyama is pretty good! And the price of $12.45 is reasonable .. we paid about $15 each with tax & tip. Would highly recommend going there again for AYCE.
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