3.99 Calzones at Save-On Foods Deli

Hey everyone, GP here.

On Wednesday, Steph and I were studying at UBC with a few of our other friends at the LSC  for finals. As to be expected, it came to the point where we weren’t being very productive, and we were getting pretty hungry. Steph suggested we take a walk to the Save-On foods on campus (sorta) to buy a rotisserie chicken; just for the sake of saying we did.

Steph, Jeff and I decided to walk to Save-On, which we thought was pretty close to where we were studying… but we were wrong. It took us a good twenty minutes (which felt like longer) to get to the grocery store, after which we just decided to eat there (it was freezing outside!). We also decided that a rotisserie chicken would be too messy to eat, but then we saw a bunch of calzones for 3.99 at the deli section! They looked pretty good, and we were getting to the point of starvation, so we decided to go for them.

There were three different types: Pepperoni, Chipotle Artichoke, and 5-Cheese Vegetable. Jeff got the Pepperoni, while Steph and I both ordered the Chipotle Artichoke.

GP's calzone and chocolate milk (bad idea...)

Steph's calzone and drink. (equally a bad idea...)










Overall, Steph and I both thought the calzones were decent. The dough was soft and chewy, and the filling was pretty tasty (not too salty like most deli pizzas). We couldn’t taste a lot of the chipotle though… it was mostly artichoke and cheese. Overall, not bad for around 4 dollars, and we left decently filled! The deli also grilled them for us, so they were nice, warm, and crunchy.

However, our mistake came when we decided to get milk to go along with our cheap meal… we only went with that option because it was the cheapest thing there. It did not sit well in our stomachs after a long, bumpy bus ride to our friend’s house. I handled it okay, but Steph looked like she was in a lot of pain. Chewing gum mildly helped.

Overall, despite our bad choice of drinks, the food was pretty good and the (slightly painful) experience was definitely worth a fun Wednesday night. It felt good to save a little money too; our bills came to just over 5 bucks.


2 Comments to “3.99 Calzones at Save-On Foods Deli”

  1. Woah. Milk makes you feel sick? I’ve never heard that before o.O

  2. haha .. it wasn’t the milk really. it was more the bus, but milk didn’t help either 😛

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