$8.50 Lentil Soup with Roti and Salad at East is East

Hi Stephanie here,

Sorry for the blurred photo!

So once again, this was another after-church Sunday lunch. Yes … another one lunch. Thank goodness I had worked a bit during the term, so I am not completely going into debt by eating out every week.

For a couple of minutes we were wondering of a place to go. You would think that writing a food blog, I would have tons of suggestions but sometimes I am just stumped for places like everyone else.  Thankfully, My friend suggested Hawker’s Delight on Main St and King Ed. I had read about this place before and it sounded really good! Really cheap too.  Unfortunately when we got there, the place was closed! Apparently Hawker’s Delight is closed on Sundays. No worries though, there are a lot of places to eat near Main St. & King Ed. Like Beefy Beef Noodle House for example.

Walking a couple a blocks, we decided on East is East. It’s a restaurant specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine  I’d been here once and quite liked it.  The ambiance is really unique. Walking in, it’s almost like stepping into Aladdin’s palace! It’s pretty dark, but there are candles and the place is almost wall to wall with carpets.  Everybody is seated on really low benches, so it’s really a relaxed ambiance. When we sat, down we were also

$7.50 Vegetarian Rice Bowl

presented with complimentary chai tea. It’s was delicious! It was quite spicy and thick. I thought it was great, although, I think chai tea is an acquired taste.

My brother worked at the Nester’s Market across the street and he was always raving about the Lentil Soup at Nester’s market. So that’s what I decided to order. The portion that I got was pretty large! The soup was really flavourful and bursting full of depth and flavour. It was pretty filling too, as there were a lot of chickpeas in it. It was a great, hearty soup.

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2 Comments to “$8.50 Lentil Soup with Roti and Salad at East is East”

  1. Hawkers is probably one of my most favorite restaurants!!! So cheap but dogwood. Want to go with me sometime? 🙂

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