$8.95 Mentaiko Yakiudon at Tomoya Japanese Restaurant


$8.95 Mentaiko Yakiudon

Stephanie here,

About a week ago, my friends (GP was there!) and I decided to visit Tomoya Japanese Restaurant for a meeting about going on a missions trip with our fellowship. I’ve been to Tomoya a couple times before and I quite liked it. It has reasonably affoadable prices and the portions are quite large (See $8.50 Nabeyaki Udon at Tomoya Japanese Restaurant).

Tomoya also has a special menu (from 5pm onwards) where you can pick 3 items for $10.95.  Three of my friends ordered from the menu (including GP) and for $10.95 it was quite a lot of food! The portions (eg. the chicken teriyaki and chicken udon) are smaller from the normal menu portions but they are quite sizeable! I think even 1 item from the special menu would be a small meal in itself.

For myself, I ordered the Mentaiko Yakiudon for $8.95. It wasn’t on the menu, but I saw it on the chalkboard as one of the specials.  For those of you who don’t know, Mentaiko(according to Wikipedia) is the marinated roe of a polluck.  If you don’t know what roe is, it’s fish eggs!

I forget what roll this is...

When I ate it, I couldn’t really taste the Mentaiko but I could definitely see it in the dish. It was really flavourful and had the nice charring of “wok hay”, but it was a bit oily as well.  The best part of the Mentaiko Udon was, surprisingly the addition of the cabbage. It added a nice crunch to the yakiudon, and it was also a nice contrast in flavour.  But overall, I thought this dish was really good! I even had enough left to take home which I ate for lunch the next day. Mmm .. so good.

Overall, it was a productive meeting and great conversation with friends. The food at Tomoya is well- executed and it’s really reasonable in price and portion.  Go check it out!
Tomoya Japanese Restaurant 友居酒屋 on Urbanspoon


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