$6.95 Mediocre Beef Broth Soup at H-Mart Food Court


Stephanie here,

H-Mart Food Court

So it was another Saturday of studying with GP. If you haven’t noticed, GP and I usually have hard-core study parties almost every Saturday at the Central Library Downtown.  It’s where we discovered our favourite Viet Subs (See $3.75 of $4.25 Viet Subs at Viet Sub).

This is usually what our Saturdays usually look like:

Arrive at Central Library at  and settle in our usual study spot on the 4th floor (Usually GP will arrive first – I like to sleep in a bit)

Hard-core study until the library closes at 6pm.  Sometimes we go for coffee breaks in between.

6pm: Go eat a cheap dinner somewhere in downtown.

7pm-late: Either go home or study at the Waves next to the library, which is open until midnight everyday.

So this was another typical Saturday, and we were wondering where to go at 5:30pm. I suggested H-Mart, because the food court up there has pretty cheap food and it was raining so I felt like something soupy to eat. Oh, and we hadn’t

This was not good....

blogged about it yet. For those of you who don’t know, H-Mart is a Korean supermarket (like T&T, but smaller) and it also has a small food court. There’s not much selection of vendors at this food court (only about three), but the prices a OK cheap. They range from about $6 to $10.  Walking in and looking at what other people were eating, the portions looked huge! We were pretty excited.

From Wang Ga Ma,  I ordered the Beef Broth Soupfor $6.95.  After I paid, it literally took two seconds for my order to be ready. I guess they had pre-cooked everything (including the noodles). Just by looking at it, I knew that there was very little beef brisket in the soup. And I was right. Not only was there very little meat, I found it to be rather stringy and not tender at all. The soup wasn’t that good either. I thought it tasted a lot like the soup from the instant noodle packets. I’m sure it was laced with MSG too. The noodles were the worst part. It looked like your regular pho vermicelli rice noodles, but it was horribly overcooked. And my bowl was overladen with too much noodles as well. Ratio of noodles to meat was like 20:1. I was very disappointed. The Kim Chi, on the other hand was pretty good. I wish they had given me more.

This wasn't that good either ...

GP ordered the Spicy Beef Soup for $7.50 and he agreed that his wasn’t that great either. He had the same beef as mine, and the soup was really really spicy. I tried some, and it was pretty good. I gave him some of my noodles.

Overall, the food we had a H-Mart was pretty bad. But … I’m still willing to give this place another chance since I’ve heard good reviews about this place, but I’ll order a rice dish or dry noodles or the korean pancake that I saw some people having.  I just won’t order the noodle soups ever again.

Wang Ga Ma on Urbanspoon


3 Responses to “$6.95 Mediocre Beef Broth Soup at H-Mart Food Court”

  1. I wanted to commend you on the informative posts you write here. I consider myself a poor starving student as well and like that the price is the first thing you put in the subject heading. Good job guys… I’m so proud *tear drop*.

    I still remember a small group night where we were in a small group and we pretty much just talked about how we like food. YAY!


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