$6.95 MASSIVE Nachos at The Pit Burger Bar

Hi Stephanie here,

So much fried food ....

So a while back, after my friends and I finished a presentation to promote Ernst & Young’s Your World Your Vision, which was an incredible competition to participate in (See my post: Ernst & Young’s Your World Your Vision Competition 2011) we decided to kick back and relax at The Pit Burger Bar. We didn’t have any major assignments coming up and we were finished all our midterms!

We originally wanted to go to The Gallery, but it was a but more expensive than we thought – so we left and went down to the Pit.

Belgian Fries

Let’s just say I think I ate my caloric intake and deep-fried goodness for the entire week.  We ordered waffle fries, Belgian fries and the $6.95 masssive nachos.   I’m not kidding when I say the nachos are HUGE!! I would recommend that you share this with a group of friends and not eat it all by yourself. You might die from a heart attack … The nachos filled up the entire paper plate and came in a deep-fried taco shell bowl. It also came with salsa and sour cream. The nachos tasted all right – they were just your typical deep-fried tortilla chips with melted cheese and green onions. It was decent for UBC food! For $6.95 (including tax), I think it’s definitely worth it.

The Belgian Frieswere surprisingly quite good as well! I thought that the fries would just be the regular fries that come with their burgers, but it was

All done ...

seasoned differently and the fries were more ‘squishy’. It was pretty good, but I felt it was a bit too over-seasoned  and a bit too salty. The fries also came with a mayo dip as well, which was good.

As for the waffle fries, they were deelish as well. See my previous post for my thoughts on it: $2.95 Waffles Fries at the Pit Burger Bar.

Anyways, the food at The Pit Burger Bar is pretty good! Especially for campus food. Just don’t eat too many deep-fried things.

The Pit Burger Bar on Urbanspoon


2 Comments to “$6.95 MASSIVE Nachos at The Pit Burger Bar”

  1. These are good, but I prefer the cheaper nachos of the Foundation! Have you tried them?


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