$6.50 Bun Bo Hue at Pho Hong


Stephanie here,

So good on a cold November afternoon ...

So last week, I was a bit sick but I went out to eat anyway after church on Sunday. I had a servant team meeting for my fellowship at church and we decided to eat at Pho Hong in Burnaby.  (I think it’s becoming a tradition for me to go out for lunch after church with friends –  I think I’m becoming more poor than starving … the things I do for this blog :P).  I originally suggested Kedah House (See $9.99 Buffet at Kedah House) but someone wanted to eat Pho, so Pho Hong it was!

I’ve been here a couple times and this pho joint is pretty good! This place is recommended by a lot of people and one of the things that people have always recommended at Pho Hong is their Bun Bo Hue.

For those of you who don’t know, Bun Bo Hue is a spicy soup with the thicker rice noodles instead of the thin vermicelli found in regular pho.  At Pho Hong, it comes with a lot of meat, slices of beef brisket, beef and chicken(?) balls, and

$6.50 Bun Bo Hue

sliced Vietnamese ham.  I was very impressed by the amount of meat in their Bun Bo Hue – they certainly didn’t skimp out and I would say the ratio of meat to noodles was about 1:1. Pretty awesome for $6.50! (A large is $7.00; for $.50 extra, I think it’s a pretty good deal!)

I think the best part of the Bun Bo Hue was the broth! It was very spicy and the broth had lots of depth. It was a bit oily though, but it tasted oh so good.  Some places just add chili oil to the regular pho broth, but this was way more tasty. It was quite spicy that it kind of burned my throat as I drank the broth – but I liked it that way. The noodles were al dente and the bean sprouts and basil were very fresh.

The Bun Bo Hue is pretty awesome at Pho Hong. I really recommend it if you are ever at Pho Hong.

PSST: This place accepts Cash and Debit!
Pho Hong 鴻記越南牛肉粉 (Kingsway/Imperial) on Urbanspoon


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