$6.25 Pork Chop in French Bun with Fries at Cattle Cafe

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$6.25 Pork Chop in French Bun with French Fries

Stephanie here

This post is post from a long time ago, sorry about that! Since posting about this, I’ve been to Cattle Cafe about three or four times and it’s a great Hong Kong Style Cafe. They have two locations: one in Burnaby across from Metrotown and one in Richmond. You should also check out their website – it’s very well developed and interactive.

I ate at Cattle Cafe (Burnaby location) in the summer with a friend. She had just gotten into UBC Commerce so we were celebrating together! I’d been here a

Malay Laksa Soup w/ Noodles

couple times to try out their hot pot, asian entrees and other typical things you would order at a HK Style Cafe, but I never tried any of their ‘Western Items’. Sometimes I’m a bit wary about ordering western items from Chinese restaurants because usually they turn out to more Asian in some way more than anything. However, Cattle Cafe has a good reputation for good food, so I decided to order Pork Chop in French Bun with French Fries. It was also one of the cheapest things on the menu which was only $6.25! That’s a pretty good

Parsley & Century Egg Fish Soup


The pock  pork (Thanks Jordon!) chop was a pretty good size – it was also seasoned well and decently moist (as moist as pork chop can be). But, I have to say the fries were fantastic! They were not your normal Sysco (although, they could be from Sysco) fries, which are normally quite dry sometimes, but they tasted like Costco fries!. There’s no way to describe it really – they did taste almost the same as Costco fries (which are really good, by the way) but they were a but oiler and darker than Costco fries (probably due to

Ying Yang

older oil).  Some other dishes I ordered (and some of my friends ordered) from previous visits were Parsley & Century Fish Eggs Soup w/ Noodles, Malay Laksa Soup w/ Noodles, Curry Deep Fried Pork Chop on Rice  and Ying Yang (Hong Kong Style Coffee & Milk Tea Drink) .

Overall, all the items I’ve tried at Cattle Cafe are pretty good and they come in decent portions.  The only thing I don’t like about Cattle Cafe in the Burnaby location is that the place is really small (and it’s always always busy). But other than that, Cattle Cafe is a solid HK Style Cafe. And if you go, why not change it up and order a western item and try the fries!

Cattle Cafe 牛仔餐廳 (Burnaby) on Urbanspoon


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