$2.95 Waffle Fries at The Pit Burger Bar

Hi Stephanie here,

So most of you know that I go to UBC (University of British Columbia), and I’ve blogged quite a few times about the food offerings at UBC. I’ve blogged about Triple

$2.95 Waffle Fries. Including tax!

O’s, The Pit Burger Bar and Pie R Squared, The Delly to name a few. You should check out some of my posts!

On campus, there’s always a couple food items that everybody at UBC has probably tried at least once. For example, a cookie from Blue Chip Cookies or a double double from Tim Hortons or a UBC Cinnamon Bun (although not as popular as it used to be).  Almost everybody who goes to UBC has tried at least one of these items. One of these popular UBC offerings happen to be the Waffle Fries offered at the Pit Burger Bar. For $2.95 (including tax!), these fries are a great deal. They come in a pretty large bucket and are super super yummy. They taste like your store-bought frozen seasoned curly fries, but somehow, after a long day of studying, these taste so good! As good as eating Tater Tots in my opinion. It’s good, but a note of warning; they are super greasy so be prepared to take a whole bunch of napkins when you are eating them!

The Pit Burger Bar on Urbanspoon


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