$3.95 Beef Yakisoba with Croquette at Fujiya

Hi Stephanie here,

$4.95 Spider Roll

This post is from quite a while back. I actually had to pull the pictures off my dad’s Iphone because I forgot where I put my camera for a while. Anyway, I can’t quite remember the occasion, but my mom brought back a lot of food from Fujiya for dinner. I hadn’t eaten food from Fujiya for quite a long time so I was very excited!

Have you heard of Fujiya before? Fujiya is a Japanese supermarket that sells prepackaged ready-to-eat Japanese food at really low prices. According to their website, they have a couple locations but I know only know the one that is close to commercial drive. It’s basically in the middle of nowhere, close to La Casa Gelato.  Now I know that pre-packaged anything doesn’t taste that good (especially if it’s sushi) but Fujiya makes their meals actually quite decent tasting. The only place I can compare Fujiya is T&T Supermarket. I’ve eaten at a lot of prepackaged meals at T&T Supermarket and the prepacked Japanese section at T&T is not that great. I would even call it sub-par. The rice is very dry and the cooked items have no flavour. (Not all items at T&T are that bad though .. I quite like their bread).

My mom brought back a lot of things, and all of them were super cheap! The portions are also quite large as well.  I tried the Spider Roll, which was $4.95 and it came in 6 pieces.  A spider roll is basically a roll with deep fried soft-shell crab and this is one of my favorite specialty rolls to order. However, this roll wasn’t that special. I didn’t like it that much – it felt a bit dry and kinda had a funny taste to it.

$5.95 Seafood Box

Next up, I tried the largest thing my mom brought back. It was the Seafood Bento. For $5.95, I think it was a fantastic deal. There was salad, skewered shrimp, rice, tempura and some other miscellaneous items such as egg.  I can’t quite remember what everything tasted like, but I knew my favourite was the egg. No matter if a meal is from T&T or Fujiya, I find the tastiest item is the egg.

Then I tried the Beef Yakisoba with Croquette. I was surprised at how cheap this was! $3.95 for a pretty large container. The Yakisoba and the Croquette was OK.  There were a lot of noodles (but cooked well), and just barely enough meat and the croquette was a bit soggy. But, overall it tasted pretty good.

Overall, the meals that you can get at Fujiya are pretty dirt cheap. A much much better deal than T&T. The food is just OK, but what can you expect? It’s prepackaged Japanese food, but it hits the spot as a poor starving student.

$3.95 Beef Yakisoba with Croquette

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