$6.95 Shio Ramen at Kenzo Japanese Noodle House


Hi Stephanie here,

$6.95 Shio Ramen

So this was another typical after-church lunch with my church friends! We ended up in Burnaby at Kenzo Ramen Noodle House. Have you hear of tastesociety? I went out to eat lunch with Karen, one of the creators of the website. The website is pretty cool! You can take pictures of food and post them up! It’s kind of like my idea I had a while back:  Facebook, only it’s called Foodbook. See Foodbook: Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen Dim Sum.

Anyway, it was pretty cold outside so I ordered the Shio Ramen. Karen recommend that I try the Pork Bone ramen (I forget the name) but she ordered it too so I decided to try something elseShio Ramen is basically ramen that has a light salty broth. My ramen came with egg, chasu, seaweed and green onion and it was just the right amount.  In my opinion, the broth had just the right amount of saltiness and I liked that fact that it was not too oily, but quite light.  The noodles were cooked fine as well.  The chasu, on the other hand was just OK. It wasn’t really that tender and there were only a couple slices. For $6.95, it’s on the cheaper side of most ramen bowls and it’s filling. Pretty good deal in my books.


Some of my friends ordered the Japchae (Korean noodles) and Tonkatsu Don (breaded pork with egg on rice). I tried a bit of the japchae and it was really good! There was lots of flavour and it was very tasty. Maybe next time I’ll order it.  The tonkatsu don was good as well.  It was a simple dish, but it was cooked well. The chicken wasn’t dry, and according to my friend, the ratio of meat to rice was almost 1-to-1. To me, I think that’s a good deal.  Some places overload the rice and cheap out on the meat …

Overall, the meal at Kenzo was pretty good.  It’s a lot more simpler than most of the places in the Robson/Denman area but the quality was good. I’ll definitely come back if I have a ramen craving in Burnaby.

Kenzo Japanese Noodle House on Urbanspoon


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