$1 Medium French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme at Tim Hortons

Hi Stephanie here,

As a student at UBC,  I’m pretty lucky to have access to not one Tim Horton’s on

$1 French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme!

campus, but two. And one of them is right next to the commerce building which is very very convenient for me. However, I dislike line-ups a lot and the Tim Horton’s at that location is so long. So … usually I don’t go there oftem, However, there’s another Timmy Ho’s located in the forestry building, but it’s a bit of a far walk since it’s on the far end of the campus.

Anyway, I was near the Tim Hortons in the Forestry building so I went to get some coffee. I was going to order my usual: (A Medium Double-Double) but I saw this sign for $1 Medium French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme.  Usually a small coffee at Tim Horton’s is $1, so this was a great deal!

As for the coffee itself, it was pretty good! I liked that there was whipped cream on top. Like most Tim Horton’s coffee, it was pretty sweet – sort of reminded me of a caramel macchiato  from Starbucks.
Tim Hortons (Forest Sciences) on Urbanspoon


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