$2-$3 Screamers at Baguette Time

Hi Stephanie here,

So a while back, when GP and I were studying we went to The Factory for a cheap dinner (See: The Factory … All food $5.95 with one exception) we also headed down to the Davie St. area (where Stepho’s is located!) for some

Screamers .. but not quite the same as Danny's Screamers

screamers.  For those of you who don’t know what a screamer is, it’s a mix between a slurpee and soft serve ice cream. It’s sort of like a slurpee float! There’s another place that sells screamers as well, and it’s probably more famous than the screamer’s at Baguette time. Have you heard of Danny’s Screamers? I went there in the summer and I blogged about it! See $3 Screamers at Danny’s Market.

It was about 8pm when we went to Baguette time. I was pretty surprised because I know that they’re open during the day – they sell baguette sandwiches,(hence the name!), soups and a mix of other  lunch/breakfast to-go items. It’s a pretty small place, but it was empty when we got there.

GP got the cherry flavour and I got the blue raspberry flavour. (There were only 3 choices of slurpee flavours, unlike the 6-7 Danny’s Market has). The slurpee was a bit more watered down and more artificial tasting than Danny’s. The ice cream was OK – it wasn’t as thick & creamy as Danny’s as well.

GP and I agreed that Danny’s is way better. But .. Danny’s Market is in Richmond. Too bad we live in Vancouver.

Baguette Time on Urbanspoon


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