$7.25 Fried Chicken Leg with Noodles in Soup at Beefy Beef Noodle House

Hey Stephanie here,

Beefy Beef Noodle House

I went out to eat after church with a couple of my friends and it was quite the adventure. We always plan to study on Sundays after church, but it’s a tough challenge to find somewhere to study since most libraries are closed and some cafes are closed early. GP and I and a couple of friends decided to study at The Grind where it’s open 24 hours! It’s located on King Ed and Main St.  Unfortunately when we got there, the Grind was packed! I guess it’s midterm season. Our drive out there wasn’t a total fail – we decided to have lunch at Beefy Beef Noodle House. I’ve been here a couple times, but I’ve only been there late at night so lunch seemed like a good idea.  Actually, I remember when this place used to be a Filipino restaurant called Rekados. That was good place. Too

Chicken Leg with Soup & Noodles

bad it closed down.

Usually eating out at Taiwanese restaurants are quite cheap and you can get a meal under , but if you order a bubble tea with your meal, it could get up to $15! I’ve been eating out a lot lately, so I ordered Fried Chicken Leg with Noodles in Soup. I am unsure about the price, but I’m sure it’s around $7-$8. I know this place is famous for their Salty Peppery Chicken, but I wanted to try

Salty Peppery Chicken with Noodles in Soup

something new. And I’m glad I did! I thought the fried chicken leg was just going to be 1 leg, but it was 2! The portion was quite large and very reasonable for the price.  The chicken was deep fried, but it was incredibly moist on the inside. There was also a sweet & spicy chili glaze over the chicken too! The chicken was better than I expected and I would definitely order it again. In my opinion it’s better than their famous salty,

Korean Beef on Rice

peppery chicken. The noodles in soup on the other hand, was another story. I was quite disappointed that it was just broth, bok choy and noodles.  The broth was just OK. It didn’t have much depth, and seemed quite oily and the noodles were a bit too soft. There was nothing special about the bok choy – it was just boiled with the broth.

My friend also ordered the Korean Beef on Rice and it looked great as well. Maybe next time I’ll order that. One of their other famous dishes is the Beef

Beef Noodle Soup

Noodle Soup.

Beefy Beef Noodle House 京園牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon


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