$3.33 Tuesday Special at Triple O’s

Hey it’s Stephanie here,

Tuesday Special at White Spot (Legendary Combo for ~$5)

I apologize for the long, long delay. School has been so busy, but now I’m back! I mentioned in a previous post (See $6 Sweet Potato Fries at White Spot (UBC)) that the White Spot at UBC has closed down. I though it would be replaced by another restaurant, but instead it is now converted into a Triple O’s.

Though Triple O’s at UBC still isn’t my first choice to eat on campus, it is 100x better than what it was before.  You just pay up front, get a number and wait for your food. I like that they kept the tables, so there’s lots of places to sit down.

I was studying late at UBC, and since Triple O’s is right next to the commerce

$3.99 Yam Fries

building my friends and I decided to grab some food. AND, since it was Tuesdays, White Spot’s legendary burger is really cheap. $3.33 for the burger and and extra $2.50 for a combo (drink and fries). That’s actually a really good deal in my books.

Also, the sweet potato fries are so much cheaper (before, they were $6). For a regular size it’s $3.29 and for a large size it’s $3.99.

Food quality wise, Triple O’s is decent. It’s comparable to it’s other locations (slightly worse), and the location is smart. However, what I don’t like about Triple O’s is the the service is SO SO SO SO disorganized.  Even though it’s much better, it’s still pretty bad. I swear, every time I go at White Spot, my order is messed up.  Either I don’t get some of my food or my order is skipped.  I think this is because 1) their staff has to multitask a lot so they forget a lot of things 2) their numbering system is so unorganized and confusing (even to their own staff) 3) There’s a lot of students so it’s very busy.

While we were waiting, my friends and I joked that the TLog (Transportation and Logistics) students should do a project on Triple O’s to improve the efficiency of the place. Now that I think about it more, I thinks it’s a good idea haha.

Anyway, if you are stuck on campus late at night (or if it’s a Tuesday), yea, Triple O’s is a decent choice. Whether you’ll actually get the food you ordered in a decent time is a hit or miss.

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