$3.00 Butter and Condensed Milk Toast at Cabin 5555


My Ulti Team: SJ Ninja Storm

Stephanie here,

So it was a great game of Ultimate (playoffs!) at Point Grey and and our team decided to head across the field to Cabin 5555 for some late night eats. When I first heard of the name Cabin 555, I thought it was a pub, but it’s actually a BBT joint.

It’s quite spacious inside and it wasn’t busy so our whole ultimate team could eat together at one big table.  I had eaten dinner before the game, so I ordered a Butter and Condensed Milk Toast.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s essentially a thick slice of sweet egg bread that is toasted and brushed with butter and then has condensed milk poured on top of it.  It sounds weird, but it tastes really good! It’s quite sweet, but the butter and bread balances it out.

$3.00 Butter and Condensed Milk Toast

Ok, this is a side note, but I remember one time when I was in elementary school, I got in the habit of really liking this snack, so my dad made a condensed milk sandwich for me for my lunch (luckily, my dad didn’t make my lunch often). You think I would be happy with this, but I was absolutely horrified when I opened my lunch container.  Naturally, it was sitting in the lunch container for quite some time and the condensed milk had seeped into the sandwich making it all soggy. Oh, and all my friends looked

I'm not sure what kind of noodles this is ...

at my lunch and said “What is that?!”. True Story.

Anyway, for $3.00, it’s pretty cheap (some places charge $4!) but I still think it’s always a better value to make it at home.  The Butter and Condensed Milk on Toast was pretty small when it came.  For the price, it’s OK, but not the greatest value.  It’s hard to screw up this dish – it was nice and hot, and there was a good balance of condensed milk and butter.

I can’t quite remember what my friends ordered, here are the pictures. I tried a

Really small plate of fried rice. It was about $7-$8.

couple of my friends dishes, the fried rice and noodles and they weren’t that great. Just mediocre actually.  What I didn’t like about this place was that the portions were so small! And the prices didn’t really reflect the portion – in fact I’d say the prices were more on the higher side.  As for the drinks, it was a hit and miss. For the misses, my friends said that the drinks were a bit too sweet and artificial tasting.

Overall, I didn’t really like this place. The food was quite mediocre, portions

bubble tea

small and the prices weren’t that great. Not much to say about Cabin 555.
Cabin 5555 on Urbanspoon


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