The Factory… All food $5.95. with one exception

Hey everyone, GP here with my second post! *Que lame applause*

I was actually supposed to do the review for The Warehouse on Granville St, but Steph nabbed the opportunity before I did… so now I’m back. And writing. Ironically, The Factory is only one block away from the Warehouse… So what’s the difference? Is the extra 1 dollar per menu item worth it? Well, after a long (productive) day of study and research at the library downtown, Steph, Jeff and I decided to find out!

When we got to The Factory, obviously some comparisons were made. Seating and overall atmosphere of the restaurant was much cleaner and brighter than The Warehouse.

Service overall was much friendlier as well! Our waitress was very quick and friendly; refilling our water whenever she saw that we were low. Our food came quick as well; just under fifteen minutes.

Here’s what we ordered:

Steph >> Santa Fe Chicken Burger

What is it? A toasted chicken burger with avocado, mango salsa, lettuce and chipotle mayo. Choice of fries or salad. She chose fries.

How did it taste? Chicken breast was a bit dry at first… But the sweetness and moistness of the mango salsa helped to even out the overall texture. Bread was very good as well!


GP >> Jack Hammer Burger

What is it? A beef patty, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo on a fresh and toasted bun. Change to a veggie patty at no extra charge. I didn’t.

How did it taste? Nothing spectacular. Very substantive amount of food for 6 bucks but there’s nothing special I can say about the burger itself. It was cooked just right and tasted good. Same type of bun used on Stephs burger; very good! We both thought our fries were a little salty, but I didnt mind personally.


Jeff >> The Anaconda (the only thing on the menu that wasn’t 5.95… for good reason)

What is it? Ready? Four sandwiches in one. Yes. Four. A BLT, cheeseburger, crispy onion strings between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches. Phew. It was 9.95.

How did it taste? When asked this question, Jeff answered… Tough on the outside until you got to the center… But most of the meat was burnt. We all thought the sandwich would’ve been bigger, especially how much the menu tried to hype it. The grilled cheese was good though; soft bread and good cheese!



Overall verdict?

Service: fantastic. Much better than the warehouse by far. Servers were very nice and laid back.

Atmosphere: much cleaner than the Warehouse. Cleaner. Worth the 1.00 extra that you pay.

Food Quality: overall, it would be about the same as The Warehouse… Would definitely order the Anaconda again. Not worth the extra five dollars. The other burgers we had were great though!

Next time? Steph wants to try the Mac n cheese. GP saw a chicken wrap that looked good… Jeff would have ordered something that came with a side of vegetables.

PSST: The Warehouse has much more variety on their menu… If you don’t mind the dive-ish atmosphere, definitely stick with the Warehouse.

PSST 2: the entrees on the menu are all served without sides… So fries, veggies and mashed potatoes are all extra, on top of the 5.95 you pay. Stick with the wraps and sandwiches! They come with fries or salad.

You can check out their menu here:


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