$4.95 Hamburger Special at The Pit Burger Bar (UBC)

Hey Stephanie here,

$4.95 for a hamburger, fries and pop

Usually I bring my lunch to UBC (cause buying lunch on campus can get quite expensive) but this time, I decided to buy lunch at the Burger Bar.  I had been working on my CACEEs for quite some time and I  and I felt I deserved something hot to eat. I got there at 1pm and I think I waited in like for at least 15 minutes and then waited another 15 minutes to get my food.  Omgosh … so long. Oh well, I was hungry and I wasn’t about to spend $5 on a 6pc. California Roll from the Honour Roll …

Anyway, the Burger Bar is located in the SUB (Student Union Building) downstairs and it’s also attached to The Pit as well.  I think the Burger Bar is one of the better deals on campus because of the daily specials.  Usually the special is $5-6 and it includes burger, fries and a can of pop! It’s a pretty good deal because it include HST and it’s quite filling.

I went on Wednesday and the special was just a plain hamburger.  I wanted the Mushroom burger but

Pretty filling!

it’s on Thursdays. Oh well, next time.  The patty is quite good at the Burger Bar, it’s never really dry (reminds me of Costco patties) and it’s decently moist.  It comes with lettuce and tomatoes, but they put so little in it, it was kind of pathetic.  Oh well, I did like the spread they put on the bun. I think it’s some sort of variation of mayo.  The fries are good as well.  I’ve heard one person say that their fries are too dry and salty, but I like them anyway. It’s quite potatoey and crisp and they actually salt their fries (unlike White Spot). Not much to say about the drink – it’s just a can of pop. Overall, if you only have $5, go for the daily special – It’s a pretty good deal. Oh yea, the waffle fries are so good! (Oily,but good)

PSST: There’s a coupon in the AMS agenda (and apparently online) for $1 off a $6 purchase at the Burger Bar.
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2 Responses to “$4.95 Hamburger Special at The Pit Burger Bar (UBC)”

  1. If you get just burger and fries it’s a dollar cheaper. drink water instead it’s healthier for you anyways 😉


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