$10.45 H-U-G-E HK Style Cafe Meal at Kam Do


Chinese Soup and Garlic Bread!

Stephanie here,

This is another post I’m super excited to write about.  Some of my friends who regularly read my blog have always been raving about Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery because of it’s large portions and low prices.  AS most of you know, I spend a lot of my time eating out and most of the times I eat out, it’s usually at a HK Style Cafe.  If you don’t know what a HK Style cafe is, take a look at one of my previous posts at other HK Style Cafes in Vancouver!

One of the special things about HK Style Cafes is that they offer a set meal that

This darn thing was MASSIVE

includes, soup, bread, HK Style drink and a main dish ranging anywhere between $6-$15 dollars.  The type of soup, bread and drinks are almost always the same at HK Style Cafes.

For soups, they usually offer a clear brothy-like soup, or cream of mushroom/corn or Russian borscht (which tastes more like Campbells’  vegetable soup to me).
For the bread, it’s usually a Chinese bun or a slice of garlic bread.
For drinks, you can order Ying Yang (coffee mixed with tea), Lai Chai (milk tea), Horlick (almond?) or Lemon Iced Tea (note, this is not Nestea)

Some of the main dishes that are quite common are Baked Porkchop/Seafood on Rice, Noodle Soups, Fried Rice, Portuguese Chicken on Rice, Baked Spaghetti,

Eee-Mein Noodles

and one of my favourites, chicken steak.

One of the biggest differences that I have seen, are the portion sizes. Here at Kam Do, the portions sizes are massive! I went out with my brother, uncle and grandma and we ordered Baked Porkchop on Rice and the dish came on a pie plate! I have never seen that before. Usually the portions are half that size.

The bread was a normal size, but the soup bowl was quite large. You can’t see from the picture, but the actually soup bowl was quite large. The dish was not the best I’ve tasted, but nonetheless, it was pretty solid.  It was a bit more tomatoey than what I’m used to, but I liked that there was a lot of cheese baked on top. The porkchop was nice and moist, while the coating tasted OK. Overall, it was not bad at all.

We also ordered Eee-Mein (which are also know as wedding noodles). This was just OK. The noodles were a bit soft, and I felt that they were lacking a bit more “wok-hay”. And the flavour didn’t really stand out either. Once again, there serving size was quite large though!

Considering the portions-to-price ratio at Kam Do, this is a fantastic deal! I’m pretty sure that 3 people could share that $10 meal at Kam Do, and still be full.

PSST: As far as I know, this is the only place that gives you free refills on drinks! I’ve actually never at other HK Style cafes. But, I usually can never finish my drink since they are quite large anyway.

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4 Comments to “$10.45 H-U-G-E HK Style Cafe Meal at Kam Do”

  1. Alleluia Cafe actually also has free refills on drinks (last I heard)! Although their service and food has not been so consistent lately. My last experience there was quite horrible, here is my post on it: http://eatingwithkirby.blogspot.com/2011/09/alleluia-cafe-oh-ex-favourite-hk-style.html

  2. Love/hate for HK cafes. I don’t usually enjoy the baked pork chop + tomato sauce + cheese on fried rice. It’s good at first, but it makes me feel slightly sick after. I’ve heard of this place. However, I don’t think I’ll try it. Good to know that the portions are ginormous though!

  3. I’ve always been scared away by the portion size in Kam Do LOL, my friends want to avoid that place as much as they could. But the food seems pretty decent, man… the baked porkchop on rice looks so good… 😀

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