$1.50 Costco Hot Dog and Drink (US)

Hi Stephanie here,

Costco Hot Dog!

When my family went to the states, we went to Costco for a really really cheap dinner.  If you haven’t heard of Costco Food Court, it’s something not to be missed if you are ever visiting Costco. Costco Food Court is known for being huge in portion and really cheap.  I think it’s even a better deal than the food at Ikea because the portions are much much larger.

In Canada, the hot dog is a bit more expensive (as with anything in Canada) for $1.99. The hot dog is all beef (yay!) and taste just like your regular boiled hot dog. Of course, it’s not the best hot dog you’ve ever eaten, but it’s SO CHEAP. It also includes a large fountain drink! Unlimited refills I think.


3 Responses to “$1.50 Costco Hot Dog and Drink (US)”

  1. Hi Steph, I was in Costco Richmond recently and they have lowered their hotdog and drink to $1.50 too. I was actually surprised why they did that considering it is already very popular at 1.99. After reading your post, I guess they are matching the US Costco’s price considering our CND dollar is over par with US dollar.


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