$7.50 Vermicelli with Spring Roll and Lemongrass Chicken at Pho Tan

Hi Stephanie here,

Pho Tan!

So after the first day of school at UBC, my friends and I went to Pho Tan in Kerrisdale for an early dinner.  Oh, before I begin mypost, let me just explain to those of you who don’t know, I go to UBC in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and every start of the school year, they have Imagine Day , which is their orientations event.

I love Imagine day because 1) School hasn’t started yet 2) There’s tons of free stuff to get. Some hi-lights of my haul this year was a box of macaroni & cheese, awesome yellow sunglasses and a purple foamie hand!

Anyway, moving back to Pho Tan. I ‘ve actually tried to go to this place before (after my Monday Ultimate games)  but they were closed. I found out that day they open from 10am -9pm.

Salad Roll

The prices at Pho Tan are pretty reasonable. For a small bowl of pho, it’s $6 and for a large it’s $7. It was pretty hot that day, so I decided to order the Vermicelli with Spring Roll and Lemongrass Chicken for $7.50. This was a pretty large serving.   I found the spring roll to be really good! I think, just as good at Pho Lan in Richmond. The filling was really flavourful and quite substantial and the wrapping was really crucnchy.  The lemongrass chicken was OK. It was moist and the lemongrass flavour was there, but I wish that it had been grilled for a bit longer.

My friends ordered the rare beef and beef ball soup. I didn’t really ask much about it, but all they said was “It’s good.” Oh, and my friend also ordered a salad roll, which was recommended by one our friends.  I didn’t try it, but it looked

I ate, and remembered to take the picture ...

really fresh!

The vermicelli was a bit too much for me. I ate about half and took the rest home! That’s what I like about Asian restaurants: They give you a large portion so I always can save quite a bit for lunch the next day. So it’s like a two for 1 meal. Score!

The service at Pho Tam was really great too. I’m pretty sure this is a family-run operation, so there is a nice homey feel to it. To my knowledge, Pho Tan is the only cheap Vietnamese restaurant in Kerrisdale so it’s pretty popular. If I’m in this area and craving for Pho, I would definitely suggest this place!

Pho Tan's Vietnamese on Urbanspoon


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