$3-$6 Dim Sum at Golden Ocean Seafood


har gow w/ spinach

Stephanie here.

As a CBC (Canadian-born Chinese) living in Vancouver. I think it’s about time I had a post on dim sum.  It’s almost a tradition in Chinese families and friends to get together regularly and socialize over dim sum. Well, I’m not that traditional, but I enjoy dim sum! My friend was leaving for school in Toronto and we decided to have a last get together at Golden Ocean Seafood in Kerrisdale.

What I like about this restaurant, it that it’s still old school and has push-carts! If

shiu mai

you’re not used to eating dim sum often, and can’t read Chinese, it’s great to order from the cart and see what you’re ordering.

We ordered the usual har gow w/ spinach, shiu mai, chicken feet, mexico bun w/ char siu filling, chinese spinach eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste. beef spareribs, stuffed bean curd, and egg tart

Har Gow w/ spinach – shrimp dumpling, always a staple at dim sum. Shrimp

phoenix talons a.k.a chicken feet

was fresh & crunchy. The addition of the spinach was nice!
Shiu Mai – pork dumpling – this was good as well. Decent!
Chicken Feet – personally I’m not a fan … it’s just like eating skin. I can imagine it taste great (like how pork fat taste great) .. but just the thought of eating skin … oh yea and chicken feet doesn’t seem that clean
mexico bun w/ char siu filling– i love this combo of sweet & salty, but they

mexico bun w/ char siu filling

didn’t execute it well here
Chinese spinach – I’m not sure if it’s called Chinese spinach but all I know that it’s the leaves from the bean plant. this was good!
eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste – I’ve never tried this before, and I think this was my favourite! The eggplant was not overcooked and the shrimp past was more of the texture of shrimp cake. more firm.
beef   pork spareribs –n/a as I didn’t have a chance to try it

beef spareribs

stuffed bean curd, I forget what this was stuffed with. I don’t remember it being very good. it was actually really soggy.
egg tart – not very good.

Everything was pretty good. The savoury items were pretty flavorful and the portions were not too small. The only thing that was kind of a fail at this restaurant were the baked items. The mexico bun wasn’t really soft and I’ve tasted much better elsewhere. Same with the egg tarts. They weren’t baked long enough, so the crust was pretty gummy  ..

P.S. If you’ve never had Dim Sum before, it’s an experience! Don’t go by your self. Everything comes in 4’s, 6’s etc.

eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste

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2 Comments to “$3-$6 Dim Sum at Golden Ocean Seafood”

  1. You incorrectly mentioned wrong type of meat. The “Beef” spareribs is actually pork spareribs.

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