$5.50 Beecher’s Famous Mac n’ Cheese at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Hi, Stephanie here,

Beecher's Famous Mac n' Cheese

So this summer, my family and I went to Portland to do some power shopping at Burlington Outlets – one of the best outlet strip malls in Western USA (seriously .. that’s all we did. We didn’t even go see the Oregon coast).  Having left Vancouver at a ridiculously early time to avoid weekend traffic, we stopped by Pike Place Market in Seattle (which is similar to Granville Island, but I think Granville Island is nicer)

I’ve heard of Beecher’s before and it sells really good artisan cheese, so I wanted to stop by. But what I really wanted was to try their famous Mac n’ Cheese. I LOVE cheese, and naturally I love Mac n’ Cheese so I had to try this. For their smallest size, the Mac n’ Cheese costs $5.50 and it seems really small, but actually they pack the mac n’ cheese quite a bit before they give it to you.

For their mac n’ cheese, they don’t actually use macaroni, but they use penne instead.  Their mac n’ cheese is not made to order (it just sits in a warmer, and is scooped out if you want to order it) so the pasta was not really al dente. But I didn’t really mind. I could tell they used a mixture of their good-quality cheeses to make this dish because the cheese flavour was quite strong. It’s great for those cheese lovers, but it might be a bit too intense for others. It’s also quite heavy too.

Their flagship cheese is also quite popular as well ...

Overall, this is very very very good mac n’ cheese, but I wasn’t blown away. I would order it though. I just love my mac n’ cheese.

Oh, and you can also see how the cheese is made too! There is a big glass window which you can look through to see how they make the cheese.
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