$6.75 AMAZING Sushi Combo at Sushi Mart

Hi Stephanie here,

Sushi Mart!

I’m really excited to write about this post, but as you know, from the previous post I was working downtown for about two weeks in the summer. One of the recommendations I got for places to eat near my work was Sushi Mart. At first, I was a bit hesitant because with a name like Sushi Mart, I wasn’t really expecting authentic sushi. It’s like having a restaurant named Fried Rice  Store. You can’t really expect real Chinese food there …

Anyway, because this was a recommendation, I went there and order the Lunch Combo 1 which includes 6 pieces of california roll and 4 pieces of dynamite. For ordinary sushi, this is more on the expensive side, but seriously .. this is the best sushi I have ever tasted in Vancouver. For the quality of sushi that you get, I think this is a great deal.

The sushi rice was perfect, it was not mushy at all, and it was easy to see and

$6.75 Lunch Combo 1

taste the separate grains of each sushi piece. (I’m getting really detailed haha). Everything in the sushi was super fresh and the mayo-imitation crab -avacado was in perfect ratio. Seriously .. I don’t know how to explain it. This sushi was so good.

The dynamite roll was amazing as well. Ordinarily the dynamite roll in includes prawn tempura, but this was prepared a bit differently. It had the prawn (which was super crunchy, and fresh) but it was not coated in the tempura batter. Instead, there were tempura bits next to it. It was great, because sometimes the tempura

Beautiful Day on the Seawall

batter can taste a bit stale if it’s left in the dynamite roll.

Also Sushi Mart serves Ocean-Wise sustainable seafood!

I ordered take-out (so I wouldn’t have to pay tax), and at on a bench at the seawall. Twas a perfect day!

Sushi Mart on Urbanspoon


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