$6 Bulgogi Beef Lunch Box Special at Ap Gu Jung

Hi Stephanie here,

Ap Gu Jung!

For about two weeks in August, I had the opportunity to work downtown doing some accounting work.  The office I was working at wasn’t in the core of downtown, but rather it was near the Denman area. I thought it was quite perfect actually! There was such an abundance of korean/ramen/middle eastern small restaurants in that area. Of course, I didn’t bring my lunch, so I went out for lunch every chance I could. With a recommendation from someone who I was working with in the same office, I went to Ap Gu Jung for some cheap Korean food. I didn’t

Only $6! So cheap!

know this, but Ap Gu Jung is quite popular and has been featured in the Vancouver Sun.

During lunch, they have a few specials ranging from $5-$6 dollars, which is super cheap for being located downtown. I ordered the Beef Lunchbox Set, which includes Soup, Kimchi, Salad, Bulgogi Beef, rice, pickled seaweed and a small juice drink. For $6, I think this is a FABOULOUS cheapo deal. Everything in the box was great! The soup was decent, the kimchi was quite spicy so I didn’t eat too much of it, the salad was OK – It tasted fine, but I thought it had a bit too much mayo (maybe that is just personal preference?), the beef was really flavourful and piping hot. And the pickled seaweed was my favourite part. It wass really vinegary and acidic, which I like.

The service at Ap Gu Jung is great too! Walking in, I was greeted by the friendly server, and was offered tea while I waited. It’s also a quite nice restaurant too. It’s not a hole in the wall, but it has quite modern furnishings. What can I say? I really like Ap Gu Jung. It was a great Korean experience. I will definitely go there again.

Ap Gu Jung Korean on Urbanspoon


One Comment to “$6 Bulgogi Beef Lunch Box Special at Ap Gu Jung”

  1. I appreciate you venturing out into Korean food. Beef bulgogi sounds yummy! I also love kimchi.

    What kind of soup was it? It kind of looks like miso soup.

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