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September 25, 2011

$3.00 Butter and Condensed Milk Toast at Cabin 5555


My Ulti Team: SJ Ninja Storm

Stephanie here,

So it was a great game of Ultimate (playoffs!) at Point Grey and and our team decided to head across the field to Cabin 5555 for some late night eats. When I first heard of the name Cabin 555, I thought it was a pub, but it’s actually a BBT joint.

It’s quite spacious inside and it wasn’t busy so our whole ultimate team could eat together at one big table.  I had eaten dinner before the game, so I ordered a Butter and Condensed Milk Toast.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s essentially a thick slice of sweet egg bread that is toasted and brushed with butter and then has condensed milk poured on top of it.  It sounds weird, but it tastes really good! It’s quite sweet, but the butter and bread balances it out.

$3.00 Butter and Condensed Milk Toast

Ok, this is a side note, but I remember one time when I was in elementary school, I got in the habit of really liking this snack, so my dad made a condensed milk sandwich for me for my lunch (luckily, my dad didn’t make my lunch often). You think I would be happy with this, but I was absolutely horrified when I opened my lunch container.  Naturally, it was sitting in the lunch container for quite some time and the condensed milk had seeped into the sandwich making it all soggy. Oh, and all my friends looked

I'm not sure what kind of noodles this is ...

at my lunch and said “What is that?!”. True Story.

Anyway, for $3.00, it’s pretty cheap (some places charge $4!) but I still think it’s always a better value to make it at home.  The Butter and Condensed Milk on Toast was pretty small when it came.  For the price, it’s OK, but not the greatest value.  It’s hard to screw up this dish – it was nice and hot, and there was a good balance of condensed milk and butter.

I can’t quite remember what my friends ordered, here are the pictures. I tried a

Really small plate of fried rice. It was about $7-$8.

couple of my friends dishes, the fried rice and noodles and they weren’t that great. Just mediocre actually.  What I didn’t like about this place was that the portions were so small! And the prices didn’t really reflect the portion – in fact I’d say the prices were more on the higher side.  As for the drinks, it was a hit and miss. For the misses, my friends said that the drinks were a bit too sweet and artificial tasting.

Overall, I didn’t really like this place. The food was quite mediocre, portions

bubble tea

small and the prices weren’t that great. Not much to say about Cabin 555.
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September 24, 2011

The Factory… All food $5.95. with one exception

Hey everyone, GP here with my second post! *Que lame applause*

I was actually supposed to do the review for The Warehouse on Granville St, but Steph nabbed the opportunity before I did… so now I’m back. And writing. Ironically, The Factory is only one block away from the Warehouse… So what’s the difference? Is the extra 1 dollar per menu item worth it? Well, after a long (productive) day of study and research at the library downtown, Steph, Jeff and I decided to find out!

When we got to The Factory, obviously some comparisons were made. Seating and overall atmosphere of the restaurant was much cleaner and brighter than The Warehouse.

Service overall was much friendlier as well! Our waitress was very quick and friendly; refilling our water whenever she saw that we were low. Our food came quick as well; just under fifteen minutes.

Here’s what we ordered:

Steph >> Santa Fe Chicken Burger

What is it? A toasted chicken burger with avocado, mango salsa, lettuce and chipotle mayo. Choice of fries or salad. She chose fries.

How did it taste? Chicken breast was a bit dry at first… But the sweetness and moistness of the mango salsa helped to even out the overall texture. Bread was very good as well!


GP >> Jack Hammer Burger

What is it? A beef patty, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo on a fresh and toasted bun. Change to a veggie patty at no extra charge. I didn’t.

How did it taste? Nothing spectacular. Very substantive amount of food for 6 bucks but there’s nothing special I can say about the burger itself. It was cooked just right and tasted good. Same type of bun used on Stephs burger; very good! We both thought our fries were a little salty, but I didnt mind personally.


Jeff >> The Anaconda (the only thing on the menu that wasn’t 5.95… for good reason)

What is it? Ready? Four sandwiches in one. Yes. Four. A BLT, cheeseburger, crispy onion strings between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches. Phew. It was 9.95.

How did it taste? When asked this question, Jeff answered… Tough on the outside until you got to the center… But most of the meat was burnt. We all thought the sandwich would’ve been bigger, especially how much the menu tried to hype it. The grilled cheese was good though; soft bread and good cheese!



Overall verdict?

Service: fantastic. Much better than the warehouse by far. Servers were very nice and laid back.

Atmosphere: much cleaner than the Warehouse. Cleaner. Worth the 1.00 extra that you pay.

Food Quality: overall, it would be about the same as The Warehouse… Would definitely order the Anaconda again. Not worth the extra five dollars. The other burgers we had were great though!

Next time? Steph wants to try the Mac n cheese. GP saw a chicken wrap that looked good… Jeff would have ordered something that came with a side of vegetables.

PSST: The Warehouse has much more variety on their menu… If you don’t mind the dive-ish atmosphere, definitely stick with the Warehouse.

PSST 2: the entrees on the menu are all served without sides… So fries, veggies and mashed potatoes are all extra, on top of the 5.95 you pay. Stick with the wraps and sandwiches! They come with fries or salad.

You can check out their menu here:

September 23, 2011

$4.95 Hamburger Special at The Pit Burger Bar (UBC)

Hey Stephanie here,

$4.95 for a hamburger, fries and pop

Usually I bring my lunch to UBC (cause buying lunch on campus can get quite expensive) but this time, I decided to buy lunch at the Burger Bar.  I had been working on my CACEEs for quite some time and I  and I felt I deserved something hot to eat. I got there at 1pm and I think I waited in like for at least 15 minutes and then waited another 15 minutes to get my food.  Omgosh … so long. Oh well, I was hungry and I wasn’t about to spend $5 on a 6pc. California Roll from the Honour Roll …

Anyway, the Burger Bar is located in the SUB (Student Union Building) downstairs and it’s also attached to The Pit as well.  I think the Burger Bar is one of the better deals on campus because of the daily specials.  Usually the special is $5-6 and it includes burger, fries and a can of pop! It’s a pretty good deal because it include HST and it’s quite filling.

I went on Wednesday and the special was just a plain hamburger.  I wanted the Mushroom burger but

Pretty filling!

it’s on Thursdays. Oh well, next time.  The patty is quite good at the Burger Bar, it’s never really dry (reminds me of Costco patties) and it’s decently moist.  It comes with lettuce and tomatoes, but they put so little in it, it was kind of pathetic.  Oh well, I did like the spread they put on the bun. I think it’s some sort of variation of mayo.  The fries are good as well.  I’ve heard one person say that their fries are too dry and salty, but I like them anyway. It’s quite potatoey and crisp and they actually salt their fries (unlike White Spot). Not much to say about the drink – it’s just a can of pop. Overall, if you only have $5, go for the daily special – It’s a pretty good deal. Oh yea, the waffle fries are so good! (Oily,but good)

PSST: There’s a coupon in the AMS agenda (and apparently online) for $1 off a $6 purchase at the Burger Bar.
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September 19, 2011

$10.45 H-U-G-E HK Style Cafe Meal at Kam Do


Chinese Soup and Garlic Bread!

Stephanie here,

This is another post I’m super excited to write about.  Some of my friends who regularly read my blog have always been raving about Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery because of it’s large portions and low prices.  AS most of you know, I spend a lot of my time eating out and most of the times I eat out, it’s usually at a HK Style Cafe.  If you don’t know what a HK Style cafe is, take a look at one of my previous posts at other HK Style Cafes in Vancouver!

One of the special things about HK Style Cafes is that they offer a set meal that

This darn thing was MASSIVE

includes, soup, bread, HK Style drink and a main dish ranging anywhere between $6-$15 dollars.  The type of soup, bread and drinks are almost always the same at HK Style Cafes.

For soups, they usually offer a clear brothy-like soup, or cream of mushroom/corn or Russian borscht (which tastes more like Campbells’  vegetable soup to me).
For the bread, it’s usually a Chinese bun or a slice of garlic bread.
For drinks, you can order Ying Yang (coffee mixed with tea), Lai Chai (milk tea), Horlick (almond?) or Lemon Iced Tea (note, this is not Nestea)

Some of the main dishes that are quite common are Baked Porkchop/Seafood on Rice, Noodle Soups, Fried Rice, Portuguese Chicken on Rice, Baked Spaghetti,

Eee-Mein Noodles

and one of my favourites, chicken steak.

One of the biggest differences that I have seen, are the portion sizes. Here at Kam Do, the portions sizes are massive! I went out with my brother, uncle and grandma and we ordered Baked Porkchop on Rice and the dish came on a pie plate! I have never seen that before. Usually the portions are half that size.

The bread was a normal size, but the soup bowl was quite large. You can’t see from the picture, but the actually soup bowl was quite large. The dish was not the best I’ve tasted, but nonetheless, it was pretty solid.  It was a bit more tomatoey than what I’m used to, but I liked that there was a lot of cheese baked on top. The porkchop was nice and moist, while the coating tasted OK. Overall, it was not bad at all.

We also ordered Eee-Mein (which are also know as wedding noodles). This was just OK. The noodles were a bit soft, and I felt that they were lacking a bit more “wok-hay”. And the flavour didn’t really stand out either. Once again, there serving size was quite large though!

Considering the portions-to-price ratio at Kam Do, this is a fantastic deal! I’m pretty sure that 3 people could share that $10 meal at Kam Do, and still be full.

PSST: As far as I know, this is the only place that gives you free refills on drinks! I’ve actually never at other HK Style cafes. But, I usually can never finish my drink since they are quite large anyway.

Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery on Urbanspoon

September 17, 2011

$2.50 Baked Potato Pizza at Pie R Squared (UBC)


Stephanie here.

Since school is back in session, I think it’s about time I’ve posted about UBC food

The slices are much smaller now ...

again. If you haven’t checked out my previous posts, I’ve rated about The Delly and UBC WhiteSpot. Next up, on my list will be the Burger Bar!

Anyway, in the summer, I took CNPS 363: Career Counselling which was a really interesting course.  Actually, it was one of my most interesting classes yet! The class was from 4-7, so I usually ended up starving after class, because I didn’t have time to eat dinner.

I ate at one of my usual standbys for food at UBC: Pie R Squared. The pizza used to by $2.75 per slice, but much larger.  It’s at a cheaper price now, but the slices are much smaller. I don’t think it’s really a good deal anymore.

Anyway, the Baked Potato Pizza is one of my favourite flavours! Probably because it fills me up the most! It’s got everything a baked potato would have: potato, cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream and green onions! As my friend said, it’s starch on starch. And you know me, I love starch.

PSST: There’s a coupon in the AMS agenda for $1 off a purchase of $6 or more at Pie R Squared!

Pie R Squared on Urbanspoon

September 15, 2011

$13.95 Prime Rib Sandwich at Oswego Grill (US)

Hi Stephanie here,

$9.50 Salt & Pepper Calamari

So in the summer, my family and I went to Portland for some shopping and we stayed in a hotel about 15 minutes from the Burlington Outlets. When you go out of town on a trip, you want to eat at the local restaurants, but sometimes it’s hard to find out which ones are the good ones and which ones are the bad ones.  Sure, you can look at Urbanspoon, but if you’re in a small town I don’t find Urbanspoon as reliable.

You can't really see it here, but the prime rib was HUGE!

There’s usually only one or two votes so it’s hard to get a clear picture if the restaurant is well-liked.

At Lake Oswego (where my family was staying), I didn’t have enough time to do research on places to eat, so we just went down the list of top restaurants in Lake Oswego on Urbanspoon. Oswego Grill was #2 on the list, and I am pleased to say that I quite enjoyed the dining experience at Oswego Grill (for those of you who don’t know, I think it’s pronounced “Oz way go”.

Though Oswego Grill only has two locations, it felt like walking into a chain

$29.95 18oz Steak

restaurant. Not that I don’t like chain restaurants, but I thought it was interesting.  It felt like a White Spot, but a bit more sophisticated.

The prices at Oswego Grill are quite reasonable (around the $15-$20 range). For the amount of food that we got, it was quite the deal.  To start, my family ordered the Salt & Pepper Calamari, $9.50 to share.  The first bite of the calamari that I had was amazing! It was super tender, and the coating was indeed very salty & peppery. It might

$17.95 Flat Iron Steak

be my personal preference, but I preferred a little less seasoning.  It’ was a bit different than the greek calamari that I’m used to – they used slices and chunks of squid instead of having it in rings.

For our mains, I had the Prime Rib Sandwich. I was very impressed by the size of this sandwich! What impressed me the most, was that they actually had a huge slab of prime rib in the sandwich. Most places I’ve experienced only give you slices of prime rib so there’s lots of air in

$16.95 Danish Baby Back Ribs

the sandwich. This was definitely not the case. The prime rib was cooked perfectly to a medium rare. One thing I don’t understand about ordering prime rib is how restaurants prepare it. To cook a rib, you need to roast the whole thing in the oven.  So how do they serve a group of people who only order medium-rare? If you know the answer, please tell me.  Anyway, what else to say? The fries were crunchy, and I like dipping it into the au jus. Not much to say, except the Prime Rib Sandwich was delicious and a fantastic deal.

my brother had the Bone-In Rib Eye, $29.95. This thing was massive!! It was

Loved this place!

18 oz, and it took up the entire plate. I tried a bit of my brother’s rib eye, and the meat was quite tender and perfectly cooked to a medium rare.

My mom had one of their dinner features, their Flat Iron Steak, $17.95. This was a beautifully presented dish, and again, the steak was cooked perfectly to medium-rare (my family likes medium-rare if you haven’t noticed)

My dad ordered the Half Rack Danish Baby Back Ribs. This was very good as well. I forget what this tasted like, but I knew my dad enjoyed it because he ate every bit of it!

Overall, our experience at Oswego Grill was a wonderful one. If we ever go back to Burlington Outlets, we will definitely come back to this place. Oh, and did I mention the service? Our server was extremely friendly and provided excellent service. Go check this place out!

Oswego Grill on Urbanspoon

September 13, 2011

$1.50 Costco Hot Dog and Drink (US)

Hi Stephanie here,

Costco Hot Dog!

When my family went to the states, we went to Costco for a really really cheap dinner.  If you haven’t heard of Costco Food Court, it’s something not to be missed if you are ever visiting Costco. Costco Food Court is known for being huge in portion and really cheap.  I think it’s even a better deal than the food at Ikea because the portions are much much larger.

In Canada, the hot dog is a bit more expensive (as with anything in Canada) for $1.99. The hot dog is all beef (yay!) and taste just like your regular boiled hot dog. Of course, it’s not the best hot dog you’ve ever eaten, but it’s SO CHEAP. It also includes a large fountain drink! Unlimited refills I think.

September 11, 2011

$7.50 Vermicelli with Spring Roll and Lemongrass Chicken at Pho Tan

Hi Stephanie here,

Pho Tan!

So after the first day of school at UBC, my friends and I went to Pho Tan in Kerrisdale for an early dinner.  Oh, before I begin mypost, let me just explain to those of you who don’t know, I go to UBC in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and every start of the school year, they have Imagine Day , which is their orientations event.

I love Imagine day because 1) School hasn’t started yet 2) There’s tons of free stuff to get. Some hi-lights of my haul this year was a box of macaroni & cheese, awesome yellow sunglasses and a purple foamie hand!

Anyway, moving back to Pho Tan. I ‘ve actually tried to go to this place before (after my Monday Ultimate games)  but they were closed. I found out that day they open from 10am -9pm.

Salad Roll

The prices at Pho Tan are pretty reasonable. For a small bowl of pho, it’s $6 and for a large it’s $7. It was pretty hot that day, so I decided to order the Vermicelli with Spring Roll and Lemongrass Chicken for $7.50. This was a pretty large serving.   I found the spring roll to be really good! I think, just as good at Pho Lan in Richmond. The filling was really flavourful and quite substantial and the wrapping was really crucnchy.  The lemongrass chicken was OK. It was moist and the lemongrass flavour was there, but I wish that it had been grilled for a bit longer.

My friends ordered the rare beef and beef ball soup. I didn’t really ask much about it, but all they said was “It’s good.” Oh, and my friend also ordered a salad roll, which was recommended by one our friends.  I didn’t try it, but it looked

I ate, and remembered to take the picture ...

really fresh!

The vermicelli was a bit too much for me. I ate about half and took the rest home! That’s what I like about Asian restaurants: They give you a large portion so I always can save quite a bit for lunch the next day. So it’s like a two for 1 meal. Score!

The service at Pho Tam was really great too. I’m pretty sure this is a family-run operation, so there is a nice homey feel to it. To my knowledge, Pho Tan is the only cheap Vietnamese restaurant in Kerrisdale so it’s pretty popular. If I’m in this area and craving for Pho, I would definitely suggest this place!

Pho Tan's Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

September 9, 2011

$3-$6 Dim Sum at Golden Ocean Seafood


har gow w/ spinach

Stephanie here.

As a CBC (Canadian-born Chinese) living in Vancouver. I think it’s about time I had a post on dim sum.  It’s almost a tradition in Chinese families and friends to get together regularly and socialize over dim sum. Well, I’m not that traditional, but I enjoy dim sum! My friend was leaving for school in Toronto and we decided to have a last get together at Golden Ocean Seafood in Kerrisdale.

What I like about this restaurant, it that it’s still old school and has push-carts! If

shiu mai

you’re not used to eating dim sum often, and can’t read Chinese, it’s great to order from the cart and see what you’re ordering.

We ordered the usual har gow w/ spinach, shiu mai, chicken feet, mexico bun w/ char siu filling, chinese spinach eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste. beef spareribs, stuffed bean curd, and egg tart

Har Gow w/ spinach – shrimp dumpling, always a staple at dim sum. Shrimp

phoenix talons a.k.a chicken feet

was fresh & crunchy. The addition of the spinach was nice!
Shiu Mai – pork dumpling – this was good as well. Decent!
Chicken Feet – personally I’m not a fan … it’s just like eating skin. I can imagine it taste great (like how pork fat taste great) .. but just the thought of eating skin … oh yea and chicken feet doesn’t seem that clean
mexico bun w/ char siu filling– i love this combo of sweet & salty, but they

mexico bun w/ char siu filling

didn’t execute it well here
Chinese spinach – I’m not sure if it’s called Chinese spinach but all I know that it’s the leaves from the bean plant. this was good!
eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste – I’ve never tried this before, and I think this was my favourite! The eggplant was not overcooked and the shrimp past was more of the texture of shrimp cake. more firm.
beef   pork spareribs –n/a as I didn’t have a chance to try it

beef spareribs

stuffed bean curd, I forget what this was stuffed with. I don’t remember it being very good. it was actually really soggy.
egg tart – not very good.

Everything was pretty good. The savoury items were pretty flavorful and the portions were not too small. The only thing that was kind of a fail at this restaurant were the baked items. The mexico bun wasn’t really soft and I’ve tasted much better elsewhere. Same with the egg tarts. They weren’t baked long enough, so the crust was pretty gummy  ..

P.S. If you’ve never had Dim Sum before, it’s an experience! Don’t go by your self. Everything comes in 4’s, 6’s etc.

eggplant stuffed with shrimp paste

Golden Ocean Seafood 金海閣海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

September 7, 2011

$5.50 Beecher’s Famous Mac n’ Cheese at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Hi, Stephanie here,

Beecher's Famous Mac n' Cheese

So this summer, my family and I went to Portland to do some power shopping at Burlington Outlets – one of the best outlet strip malls in Western USA (seriously .. that’s all we did. We didn’t even go see the Oregon coast).  Having left Vancouver at a ridiculously early time to avoid weekend traffic, we stopped by Pike Place Market in Seattle (which is similar to Granville Island, but I think Granville Island is nicer)

I’ve heard of Beecher’s before and it sells really good artisan cheese, so I wanted to stop by. But what I really wanted was to try their famous Mac n’ Cheese. I LOVE cheese, and naturally I love Mac n’ Cheese so I had to try this. For their smallest size, the Mac n’ Cheese costs $5.50 and it seems really small, but actually they pack the mac n’ cheese quite a bit before they give it to you.

For their mac n’ cheese, they don’t actually use macaroni, but they use penne instead.  Their mac n’ cheese is not made to order (it just sits in a warmer, and is scooped out if you want to order it) so the pasta was not really al dente. But I didn’t really mind. I could tell they used a mixture of their good-quality cheeses to make this dish because the cheese flavour was quite strong. It’s great for those cheese lovers, but it might be a bit too intense for others. It’s also quite heavy too.

Their flagship cheese is also quite popular as well ...

Overall, this is very very very good mac n’ cheese, but I wasn’t blown away. I would order it though. I just love my mac n’ cheese.

Oh, and you can also see how the cheese is made too! There is a big glass window which you can look through to see how they make the cheese.
Beecher's Handmade Cheese on Urbanspoon

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