$1 Churro at Costco (US)

Hi Stephanie here,

$1 Churro!! Oh yea, and $0.59 pop

This is another post I’m really excited to write about. As most of you know, I love going down to the states. Not only does it have excellent shopping, but much cheaper food in Canada. During a family trip to the states, we stopped by Costco for a quick bite. As soon as I looked at the menu, I knew I was going to order a $1 churro. $1 churro! You can’t even get that in churros at the Costco in Canada. The only place I know where you can get some of that fried dough goodness is at the PNE, where they are overpriced. When I got the churro, it quite large, so  shared it with my family.

$1 Churro

The dough was quite soft on the inside, crunchy and deep-fried on the outside. The churro was coated with some cinnamon sugar on the outside that made it taste pretty sinful. These aren’t fresh to order (they’ve just been sitting around in the glass case) but, hey for a $1 churro, I think this is an awesome deal.

Oh yea, what else can you buy for a $1 and it’s only in the states? How about $1 Yogurt Parfait at McDonalds or $1 Arizona Iced Tea?

I love America. Enough said 🙂


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