$12.50 AMAZING Chicken Wings at Phnom Penh


famous chicken wings

Stephanie here.

I think it’s about time I had a post on Phnom Penh – I’ve been here at least 4 times since I’ve started blogging.  It’s been so long because I’ve been wating for that perfect picture of their deep fried chicken wings. Mmmm I get cravings just thinking about their chicken wings.

In my opinion this is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver.  And it’s not just me, Phnom Penh is the #1 restaurant rated on Urbanspoon. It’s also been featured on the Food Network and has been visited by Anthony Bourdain. This place is good!

Now with any place that is #1 in Vancouver, has been featured on the food

butter beef!!!

network you know that there are going to be lineups. I’ve been to Phnom Penh at the oddest times (2:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm on weekdays) and there is still a bit of a wait. I’m glad this place is open 7 days of week.

Phnom Penh is a city in Vietnam, and this restaurant plays true to its namesake by specializing Vietnamese and also Cambodian cuisine. However, this is definitely not your typical pho restaurant. Word of advice: Don’t order the pho. It’s just average. Order their specialties.

They are most famous for their deep-fried chicken wings. And I order this

fried rice

everytime. These chicken wings are super crispy and garlicky there is a hint of sweetness to the crispy skin. I think that even though these wings are super crispy, they are not dry on the inside and they are quite meaty as well. I definitely think that there is some sugar coated on the chicken. But wait, you have to also dip the chicken wing into the special dipping sauce. I’ve heard that it’s just lemon juice and salt & pepper, but something makes me think that there is a special ingredient because it tastes so good. These wings are AMAZING … these are probably the best chicken wings I’ve ever had in my

look at that oil slick ...

whole entire like. Not exaggerating. Ok, maybe a little.

Not only are they famous for their wings, but also their butter beef. This is basically extremely thin raw slices of beef marinated in soy sauce and vinegar and deep fried garlic and tons of cilantro.  Usually I don’t eat raw beef (I’m not a huge fan of beef carpaccio) but this beef is amazing! All the intense, fresh flavours work together so well. The butter beef works so well with the acidity of the vinegary soy sauce, the saltyness and crispyness of the deep fried garlic and the freshness of the

iced coffee

cilantro is AMAZING …

Next up, I ordered their trieu chow fried rice. This fried rice is not AMAZING .. but I would say that it’s very good. This fried rice as a little bit different than your regular Chinese fried rice because it’s got a lot more different stuff in it. From what I remember it has got Chinese sausage in it. That’s about all I remember.  It’s not completely white so they must fry it in the wok with some sauce.

Next up was the curry chicken hot pot. I don’t remember this dish being that oily but when it came, there was a huuuge oil slick on top of the curry.  Mmmm .. that’s when you know the dish is good. Hahah just kidding, only sometimes. Though there was huge evidence of oil, it didn’t taste the oily. I loved the curry in this. It was extremely smooth and flavourful and only a little bit spicy. It also has potatoes and yams in the hot pot and the chicken come in

filet beef with egg on fried rice

large pieces and the are just falling of the bone. Mmmmm ..

Last but not least, we had the beef lu lac on rice with egg. This is essentially a saucy sliced beef dish with egg, and some sliced lettuce and cucumber. Once again. this is very homestyle cooking so I wouldn’t say that this is AMAZING, but nonethelss it is very simple, but good. Actually I think my grandma can make something very similar to this. What you have to do is mix the egg, beef, vegetables and the rice all together.

I’ve also tried the jackfruit smoothie and the iced coffee. The iced coffee is pretty strong but they give you a very small amount. I probably wouldn’t order the iced coffee again, since I stayed up till 3am after only drinking it in the afternoon.  The jackfruit smoothie is very good! It tastes like real fruit and it’s very refreshing. I thought it tasted a lot like mango.

All in all, Phnom Penh is a wonderful restaurant and it is quite cheap for the quality and execution of it’s dishes. I think it’s a great deal, actuallly. If you’re a poorstarvingstudent, come here! Just try to avoid the lineups

Phnom Penh 金邊小館 on Urbanspoon


One Comment to “$12.50 AMAZING Chicken Wings at Phnom Penh”

  1. hello! i totally appreciate this post. it’s making me drool!!! i order the same things at phnom penh. chicken wings, butter beef, and curry chicken hot pot. i usually don’t eat raw beef either but the sauce & cilantro make the beef really tasty. i also don’t remember there being THAT much oil in the curry chicken. their tossed noodle dishes might be worth a shot… i’ve tried their lemongrass chicken but it’s nothing special. i think i’ll stick to my phnom penh staples.

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