$0 Free Box of Miniwheats at Walmart

Hey Everyone,

Stephanie here.

So a while back,  I was shopping at Walmart in the States and I came across this:

Free Miniwheats!!!

Free Box of Miniwheats! Free! It actually said it on the box. Well, this was actually not totally free, since I had to buy the box of cereal and mail in a rebate back to the company. (And it had to be U.S. address as well).  I guess postage costs a bit.

Since it was free, and I had seen the commercials for the new strawberry-filled miniwheats, I grabbed a box. I thought the mini wheats would be filled with some real-tasting strawberry filling, but they were filled with  really artificial tasting strawberry jam. I didn’t really like it all. Oh well, it was free.

Update: It was not free. I lost the reciept for the mail-in rebate, so there goes $3.12 USD. (Well, actually it’s still not bad because cereal up here costs $4.50!)


2 Comments to “$0 Free Box of Miniwheats at Walmart”

  1. I love how you guys are so frugal! I run into the same problem with rebates..its always the darn receipt!

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