$2 Poppyseed Danish at Breka Bakery

Hi Everyone,

Stephanie here.

This is another post that I am quite excited to be writing about. So excited that

Poppyseed Danish, Tiramisu and Blueberry Bran Muffin

I’m writing this post the day after I went there. Where did I go? Breka Bakery! This bakery is quite unlike any other bakery I’ve tried because it’s open 24 hours! It’s located on 49th and Fraser. The atmosphere of the bakery is more like a cafe and quite relaxing. It was my first time coming here, and I think I will be coming back here.

I went with some of my friends from Souljourners, my church fellowship at around 2am in the morning. Yes, 2am in the morning. We were driving home from our friends house, and decided we still didn’t want to head home just yet. My friend handed me Breka’s business card, and I convinced everybody in the car to stop by Breka Bakery. For some reason I was really craving cinnamon buns.

We got to Breka’s and surprisingly there were a decent amount of people there. Even at 2am. (I still cannot get over that this bakery is open 24 hours).  They didn’t have cinnamon buns so  ordered a poppyseed danish. Being 24 hours, you can’t really rely on everything being fresh and this was the case with the danish. It tasted alright, but it already tasted kind of stale. I probably wouldn’t order it again.

My friend ordered the Tiramisu  for $4 and it tasted quite  good. There was too much cream however, and not enough lady fingers so I felt like I was just

$10 Cheesecake!!!

eating cream. My other friend ordered a Blueberry Bran Muffin. Well actually, she ordered the Cinnamon Apple Muffin, but the lady at the counter dropped it so she got it for free! Score! The muffin was OK. My friend said it was quite good and tasted healthy. I thought the same as well.

I also noticed that there were some very cheap offerings at the bakery. There were selling entire cheesecakes (6 inch) for only $10. Now that’s a deal! And they were also selling these HUGE strudels for $7.50.  Will have to try that sometime … The thing I like about Breka’s is that they have quite large bakery items for the price and hey, it’s open 24 hours!

If you feel like a 2am craving for baked goods. (Oh, and they also sell drinks as well too!) Head on over to Brekas!
Breka Bakery on Urbanspoon


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