$13.00 Turkey Clubhouse at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe

Hey everyone,

Turkey Clubhouse

Stephanie here.

A couple days ago my friends and I dined at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe for dinner before the fireworks. Actually, this was attempt #2 because we tried visiting Sophie’s a while back but found out that it had closed for renovations.

I think as a group, we’ve visited a lot of restaurants on West 4th. It’s a great, trendy neighbourhood for eats and they also have nice retail shops as well.

Grilled Cheese w/ Ham

Being an (extreme) couponer, I knew that Sophie’s had a coupon in the entertainment book, but I didn’t bring it. Oh well, next time.

Sophie’s has been around for a while and it is pretty well known in Vancouver. Located in the Kits area, it is full of hip, young diners but it’s also family friendly. It’s a retro-themed diner, complete with all those random diner decorations posters of old movies and pictures of movie stars.

I was feeling in a bit of a sandwich mood so I ordered the Turkey Clubhouse

Tostada Salad

w/ house salad. Just having dined at the Warehouse (See $4.95 Menu at The Famous Warehouse) where I ordered the Turkey Clubhouse, I made a couple comparisons.

As you can see in the picture, the sandwich was huge. It was hard for me eat the sandwich and get all of the sandwich in one bite. It was a triple layer sandwich on multigrain bread with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Essentially a BLT with Turkey.  Once again, this was a solid Turkey Clubhouse.

Steak Sandwich

The turkey wasn’t dry and I appreciated the real turkey being used and not deli meat.

However, I think I liked the Turkey Clubhouse at the Famous Warehouse a bit more. I liked that they used Cranberry Sourdough bread, and of course, you can’t beat the price of $4.95.

Oh yea, the ‘house’ salad was quite boring. It was just mixed greens and some shredded carrots with oil, oregano and vinegar on the side. I kind of expected more, but there was nothing wrong with the greens.

It seems my other friends were in a sandwich mood so they ordered Grilled

Tuna Sandwich

Cheese w/ Ham, Steak Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich and my other friend was in a really healthy mood so he ordered the Tostada Salad.

I’m pretty sure that they all thought their meals were solid. I think one of my friends didn’t really like the Tuna Sandwich because it got kind a soggy and wet as she was eating it. I tried their fries and they were pretty good as well.  I liked that they were pretty thin-cut and it was still potatoey on the inside.

Overall, the food at Sophie’s is pretty solid diner food. It’s not greasy, which is great and the price is pretty reflective of other restaurants in the West 4th area. It’s not the super cheapest place, but hey, it’s pretty good.

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe on Urbanspoon


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