Free Samples at Costco (Burnaby North)


Free Samples!

Stephanie here.

A little over a month ago, I posted about getting free samples from T&T and called it a ‘free meal’. See $0 Free ‘Meal’ at T&T Supermarket. Yes, this is definitely a true poorstarvingstudents post. I think as this blog develops, I’m getting more and more cheap. Either that, or more poor. Maybe both. Seriously, I don’t know how much cheaper I can get … (extreme couponing anyone?)

Anyway, back to Costco! Yes I know that these samples are definitely not a free

Mac n Cheese

meal, but hey, they turn out to be a pretty substantial snack. T&T has only been recently offering up samples in the last couple of years, but Costco has been offering samples ever since I can remember.

For those of you who don’t know, Costco is an international chain of warehouse stores that sells grocery items to the public.  Costco is meant to cater to small business operations like mom & pop restaurants, bakeries etc, but now the general public has started

Smoothie. This was one of my favs..

shopping regularly at Costco too.  I find that Costco is also good for buying supplies for large parties or BBQs too. Oh, and I also buy my contact lenses at Costco too.

I took these pictures during various shopping trips a while ago, so I don’t quite remember what all the samples were.

Overall, the samples at Costco are much, much bigger than the ones offered at T&T. However, there aren’t as many food samples stations at Costco compared to T&T.   I think I should have gotten a second helping ….The samples tasted pretty good; I think one of my favourites was the smoothie. It was very icy and refreshing. I wasn’t expecting restaurant quality food (since these samples are packaged or frozen food that are just heated up) but I was just expecting something to snack on while I shopped for some grocery items.  Comparing T&T and Costco, I think both


are good places to get a ‘free’ snack.

Oh, and one more thing. To get into Costco, you need to have a Costco membership card. And if you’re a poorstarvingstudent like me, you will try to use your parent’s membership to buy things.  Apparently, this is not allowed, because I tried it once, but thankfully Costco was nice enough to let us go.
Costco Food Court on Urbanspoon



Soy Milk



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