$4.95 Menu at The Famous Warehouse


Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Stephanie here,

I’m super excited to write this post, because GP and I have found another poorstarvingstudent place to eat. The Famous Warehouse. I think this place might rival Viet Sub (See $3.75 or $4.25 Viet Subs @ Viet Sub), our long-time favourite place to eat in downtown Vancouver. Actually, I think in terms of value/price/portion size, this place might beat Viet sub (since Viet Subs prices have gone up since they’ve moved locations).

GP and I have heard quite a lot about this place from our friend Britt (our


faithful blog follower 🙂 and have been wanting to try this place for a while. I’m glad we finally managed to try this place out, because I was kind of getting tired of just eating Viet Subs whenever I was in downtown. Now we have a new place! I’m sure GP and I will visit this place soon.

As per the title of the post, everything at the Warehouse is $4.95. And most of the items include choice of french fries or salad. Now you might be thinking that the menu is quite limited, or the portions may be small, but there is no catch. The menu did have a lot of items;  for a group of 4 we ordered Swiss Burger, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Turkey Club The Works Burger and a Poutine.

I myself ordered the Turkey Club. It was served on toasted cranberry bread which I quite liked.  For $4.95, I half-expected the sandwich to be a little

Turkey Club

skimpy on the fillings, but actually there was a lot of filling in the sandwich! One thing I really appreciated was the fact that the turkey was not deli meat, but it was actually thick slices of real turkey breast. The turkey club came with bacon as well! The sandwich came with a generous amount of fries, and these were great as well! Perfectly seasoned, crispy and potatoey on the inside.

GP ordered the Buffalo Chicken wrap, and according to him, it was quite good as well. It came with a simple green salad with dressing on the side. My two other

Swiss Burger

friends had the burgers, and once again, there was no shortage on the filling. The beef patty was quick thick and my friend thought the burgers tasted great.

We all shared a poutine (the poutine wasn’t necessary, since we were all quite stuffed), and it was decent. It wasn’t an authentic poutine; they used shredded cheese instead of cheese curds and added green onions on top. However, the gravy was standard, and they used the same fries. It was pretty decent overall.

With prices so cheap, we all wondered how this place could profit. I think their profit most likely comes from the drinks. I ordered an iced tea, and it was $3. Next time, I think I’ll just order water.

For $4.95, I think the Warehouse is a fantastic deal. Even cheaper than eating at McDonalds (if you don’t order a drink). Not only were the prices amazing, but the quality of food was quite good. As a poorstarvingstudent, I would definitely recommend this place.

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4 Responses to “$4.95 Menu at The Famous Warehouse”

  1. thanks for the shoutout. haha!

    i like the turkey club. good to know that the fries are good. i usually get the green salad. one time i found that there was too much mayo in the turkey club so i asked for it on the side.

    pitfalls to the famous warehouse: lineup at times, super loud music after dinner house, and super slow service. other than that, i definitely agree that this deserves a poor starving student thumbs up!

  2. Never would i eat at the warehouse again,once is enough.


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