$1 Bobby Wing at Wings on Granville

Hey Stephanie here,

The infamous Bobby WIngs

A couple posts ago (See , I mentioned that I had tried the Granville location of the wings before. I went to Wings on Granville about a week ago with a couple of my Sauder friends after an accounting networking event at Locarno Beach. I actually drove there, and managed to end up at Jericho Beach, but no worries I eventually found out where the event was. For those know me, I usually don’t drive, and when I do, I usually have someone in the car with me telling me where to go (thanks, Kim).

We ordered other wings too, of course

Anyways (I feel like I’m getting off track). You’re here to read about my experience of the Bobby Wing right?

Well, let me explain a bit about the Bobby Wing first. This is the spiciest flavour of chicken wings that you can get.The Jakarta heat is the second spiciest, and I’ve heard that even with that, people cry when they eat it.  Usually, I can eat quite spicy things but I knew that this experience would be a painful one.

For a dollar, you can try this individual wing, but why not get it cheaper and buy a pound of them with your friends and scarf it all down at the same time? That’s what we did ….

After scarfing the one drumette I had, I waited a bit, and then it came. First, the numbing spiciness on my tongue, the just the stinging pain all over the inside of my mouth.  This was one of the spiciest things I’ve ever eaten. I can’t say much about the flavour, since all I could really take away was the spiciness. I think the most painful part of it all was that the pain lasted for a really long time. I think I had to submerge my tongue in ice water to numb the pain. The pain was pretty bad. But, with everything, I always take it as a learning experience.

Here’s a couple tips for your first ‘Bobby Wing’ experience.

1. Eat the wings last. This will seriously numb your tastebuds for at least 15 minutes. Maybe more.
2. Don’t lick your lips after you’ve eaten it. They’ll actually burn if you do. Oh yea, and don’t rub your eyes either.
3. Have a full pitcher of water beside you. I think I actually drank a whole pitcher of water after I ate one.
4. Eat as quickly as you can. You’ll feel the pain about 5 seconds later.

Now that you are an expert, happy (safe) Bobby Wing experience!


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