$0.39 Wings at Wings Pub & Grill (Burnaby)


The outside of wings

Stephanie here,

After church, the places we like to go to eat are usually HK Style Cafes (Honolulu Cafe, 54th Cafe), cheap sushi places (Daimasu). However, someone suggested we go to Wings(Burnaby location) because they have a $0.39 special on Sundays. Now, $0.39 wings are pretty cheap, but they aren’t the cheapest (I’ve actually heard that there is this place in Richmond that has $0.15 wings!).  However, it’s still pretty cheap, and I had actually eaten at the Wings on

72 wings

Granville a couple days before, so I was ready to do a comparison.

With the $0.39 Sunday wings special, you have to order a drink, so I ordered my stand by, iced tea (Sorry no picture, it’s just iced tea!).  Usually, I don’t rate the drinks, because they’re just fountain drinks, but some of my friends got ginger ale and the ginger ale was quite bad. It was really watery, and I think when we asked for another pitcher of ginger ale, we got the same watery drink. Oh well, let’s move on to the wings.

Stadium Burger

After trying the wings on Granville, I quite liked the sauce and the seasonings. We ordered a bunch Chicago Salt & Pepper, Greek,Texas Dry Rub, Honey Garlic, Maui Lime, Louisiana Sweet, Canadian Maple Bourbon.  I think the favourite of the bunch was the Canadian Maple Bourbon. Props to wings for  taking hold of this interesting flavour trend. It tasted like eating  pancakes, maple syrup and bacon all at once. Some people at my table thought it tasted weird, but I liked the sweet & salty combination.

All done.

Each wing was decently moist and deep fried pretty crispy. I quite liked them, except for the fact that these wings were smaller than I expected. The wings I tried at the Granville location seemed to be a lot meatier and bigger. I was kind of disappointed. Except for the size, everything else seemed to be consistent.

One of my friends ordered a stadium burger. She said it was good, that’s about it. I didn’t try it, but I ate one of her fries. They were actually quite good! Perfectly seasoned, crispy and very potatoey on the inside.

I think I had about 20 wings, and I was stuffed. Not bad, since I think I only paid about $12 including my drink. As a poorstarvingstudent, I would come back to Wings. However, I would probably just come back to the Granville location Overall, the service, food and atmosphere was quite a bit better. (The Burnaby location seemed to be in the middle on nowhere in Burnaby, and it was quite dead on a Sunday afternoon)

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2 Comments to “$0.39 Wings at Wings Pub & Grill (Burnaby)”

  1. been here once, will have to try it again didn’t know they had cheap wings on sundays.

    like the blog name btw.. somewhat similar to mine (famishedstudent)

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