Cooking Class at Quince

Hey Stephanie here.

Dining Area

I recently went to Quince as part of the Ernst & Young’s Emerging Leaders program that I attended. The experience was amazing, and of course being a foodie, one of my favorite parts of the program was getting to cook, take pictures and then eating the food!

Quince is not only a cooking class studio, but they also are a mini grocery store (selling their own packaged prepared sauces and dishes). Quince is also a cafe (during the day) where you can stop by for some

Us in aprons!

grilled gourmet sandwiches and coffee. And from their website, Quince also does catering too!

Skewering Yakitori

Since I usually blog about restaurants, this will be the first time I’m rating a cooking class. I guess you can say that I will be rating my own cooking!

For a cooking class, I just expected to be learning how to cook a couple dishes, but it really was an experience!

We first walked in (we were a large group), and got a chance to relax and mingle in the dining area. They gave us some mini appetizers of some crackers with antipasto, some chorizo(?) and some oil &

A Casis-flavoured drink. Very good!

vinegar. They also gave us some an fizzy orange drink. It was good, but it reminded me of orangina a lot. Lol.

Quince has a large commercial kitchen, and

The chef in charge, Chef Andrea was really nice! She gave a quick tutorial of each dish, and then allowed us replicate each dish. First, we made Yakitori. Yakitori is a Japanese dish that is basically marinated chicken on a skewer. The dish was surprisingly simple; all we needed to do was dip the chicken in the marinade and skewer them. We first pan-fried then, and then we were supposed to let the rest of the chicken cook in the oven . However, my group was a bit slow and didn’t get a chance to finish them off in the oven. The chicken was quite flavourful (considering the amount of time we

Japanese Salad

marinated the chicken), but I think we should’ve stuck it in the oven because I think I ate a bit of raw chicken on my skewer. Oh well, I’m fine now.

With the Yakitori, we made Japanese Salad. I’m pretty sure this is not really authentic Japanese, but it was a good dish. It was a pretty easy peasy dish, considering all we did was chop up the lettuce, daikon, pea shoots and tomatoes. To make things easier, the dressing was also pre-made for us.

The Appetizer!

Next up for the main course, we were instructed to grill Ancho Chili and Lime Marinated Flat Iron Steak. These were quite easy to make, all we needed to do was just salt & pepper them! I guess that hard part was searing them and not having them overcooked, but an expert in our group did all the searing for us. She cooked the steak to a perfect medium-medium rare and it tasted very, very, very good. It was quite juicy and tender, but I wouldn’t say it was the kind of steak that melted in your

Our marinated steaks


Accompanying the steak was the Pommes Frites. (means French Fries in French). This was definitely the highlight of the meal. The pommes frites were already prepared for us: the potatoes were cut into thick slabs (almost thicker than white spot fries) and were perfectly crunchy perfectly starchy on the inside. I think was made it taste so good, was that they deep fried it twice. One of the best Pommes Frites, I’ve ever had. And to go with the pomme frites, we

Searing the steaks!

made chipotle aioli. This, our group actually made from scratch. We also had Mixed Vegetables on the side that were sauteed and then baked in the oven for us.

Oh, and did I mention that with every course, we were served drinks that were paired with the dishes that we made. The Chef is also a Sommellier as well.

For dessert, we were served Tiramisu. We were shown how to make this, but didn’t get to make it ourselves. It was a delicious, simple recipe and I quite

Our main dish. So good.

enjoyed it. Actually, my mom makes Tiramisu as well, and it tasted quite similar.

Overall, this experience was really fun! I would have liked more hands-on experience cooking the dishes (since some of the marinades and sauces were pre-prepared for us already). However, it would have probably taken a longer time and I was actually quite hungry before the cooking class. The cooking class at Quince was quite the experience, and I would recommend this place. They do cooking


classes for the public as well, so check them out!

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5 Responses to “Cooking Class at Quince”

  1. finally – an update ;)! good work, steph! thanks for sharing your cooking class experience

  2. You have 2 faithful readers! I love the review and the pictures bring back memories of the yummy dinner we had at Quince!


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