$5.50 Pho at Pho Lan


A typical pho meal

Stephanie here.

I think it’s about time I’ve had a poor starving student posts about Pho.  This is probably one of the staples of a student on a budget.  A HK Style Cafe, a Fast Food outlet, or a Vietnamese Pho Place.  I think those are the only 3 types of restaurants (Asian) poor starving students eat at.  This Vietnamese dish is basically a hot bowl of noodles in soup with sliced meat.  It’s always accompanied by bean sprouts, wedges of lime and sprouts of basil.  For a small

Pho with Beef Balls and Rare Steak

bowl of pho, the prices range from $5-$7 and the portions are quite large & filling.

To celebrate the end of final exams, my friends and I went to Pho Lan.  My friend has been raving about this place in Richmond as the best Pho in town, so I was pretty keen on checking it out. It’s in a really central part of Richmond, right across from Richmond Centre.  When we walked in, we were lucky to grab a large table, as it was quite busy. I was surprised to see that there were a lot of business professionals in there as well!!

Spring Rolls

As per usual at any Pho place, I ordered my usual: Pho with Beef Balls and Rare Steak and I also ordered a side of Spring Rolls ( around $3).  The spring roll was really huge! I actually really liked it, and I can say it was a really solid springroll – the filling was plentiful and it was piping hot! I appreciated the rice roll wrapper than the chinese wheat wrapper that sometimes appear on spring rolls. I was pretty excited to try the broth of the pho (usually the broth is the most important part of the pho), but I thought it was just a little better than average. It was decent, but I wasn’t really blown away. Maybe my friend was hyping the Pho at Pho Lan too much? The beef balls were quite different from the normal beef balls I’m used to. Maybe they were made in-house? I liked it being different, but they tasted kind of funny to me. It actually kind of tasted like cheese. LOL.

The service was really friendly though! I definitely would come back though! Maybe I just had an off day, my friend still think Pho Lan has the best Pho around. Oh, and my friend ordered the X-Large Pho, which was HUGE. Maybe I will try that next time.
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2 Comments to “$5.50 Pho at Pho Lan”

  1. Pho Lan is the only place I know that have pho servings in three sizes (small, medium and large). We love the large one and it does seems to us that in terms of serving, the large in Pho Lan is the largest in Vancouver. So we usually order the large and end up having just one meal on those days we ate at Pho Lan. 🙂

    • In Montreal, it’s common for pho restaurants to offer servings in 3 sizes. However pho restaurants in Montreal that serve Bun Bo Hue(Spicy Beef Noodle Soup), it’s often served on weekends only. Unlike it seems in Vancouver, where it’s always available on the menu at pho restaurants that serve it.

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