$6.50-$8.50 Lunch Specials at Daimasu

Hi Stephanie here.


For those of you who go to church service, you know what I’m talking about. When service ends, there is always a never-ending discussion about where to go for lunch. You would think that I have a never-ending list of places to try out, and there would always be somewhere else to go, but I just can’t seem to think of a place close by to all our outings.

For my group of friends at church, we are pretty much all poor starving students so we like to eat Asian food.   And it’s usually cheap Asian food. Hence all the

Tempura Udon

posts about HK Style Cafes.  I wish I could get more variety, but I find that Asian food is always comforting and cheap.

Oh yes, and there was this one time where I managed to convince everyone at church to try Rikka (Japanese restaurant) at Killarney Market.  So I made everyone drive out there, and they found out it was closed.  And did I mention that I had a meeting at church or something, so I wasn’t even going to

Dynamite Roll

eat with them (yes, I know I am a bad person).  I just didn’t want them to go to 54th Cafe because I thought there were better options for lunch elsewhere.  Unfortunately I have lost my reputation as a good food recommender, so someone else recommended Daimasiu.

Daimasu is quite hard to find since it’s sort of hidden in the complex where Save-On-Foods is located at Metrotwown. It’s sort

Sushi Boat

of sandwiched in between Boston Pizza & Save-On-Foods. When we walked in, it was quite busy.  And the sign outside is hard to read, so I didn’t even know what the restaurant was called until I looked it up on Urbanspoon.

We were a pretty big group this time so we ordered lots of food! The lunch specials are quite cheap ranging from $6.50 – $8.50. It also included free miso soup or free pop which I like! I liked that the menu had lots of colourful pictures as well. Daimasu is not really authentic, it’s more like your typical Chinese-run, westernized style Japanese food.  I don’t really care about authenticity, as long as it tastes good! I was feeling something hot & soupy, so I ordered Ramen with Gyoza. Other people ordered Sukiyaki Beef

Miso Ramen

Udon, Dynamite Roll, Sushi Combos, Sashimi Combo, Bento Box, Tempura Udon, Yaki Soba, Agadashi Tofu. The portions here are quite big, and some of the combos come with a sushi boat!

Overall, the food is just average. It was nothing outstanding. I didn’t ask much about other people’s items, but most people finished their meals. For my ramen, it was pretty huge.

Sashimi Combo

As a poor starving student, the food here is OK, but I would say that the prices are more on the cheaper side. Daimasu is just OK.  That’s all I can say.
Daimasu (Burnaby) on Urbanspoon

Bento Box!


Beef Yaki Soba



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