$6.25 Handmade Noodles at Lao Shan Dong

Hey Stephanie here.


A few weeks ago, my friends and I visited Lao Shan Dong Homemade Noodle House for some hand-made noodles in Burnaby. Actually, we were supposed to meet at Tea Time (across the street) for some BBT but we found out that it’s now a mongolian grill.  It was kind of deceiving actually- they still have the outdoor signage saying Tea Time, so we really didn’t know it was a mongolian grill until we saw the cardboard signs plastered on the windows. It didn’t look too promising inside, so we decided to play it safe and head over to Lao Shan Dong. Yay!

It wasn’t really busy at dinner time (on Sunday night), but Cattle Cafe next door was packed. We were seated right away. I was quite surprised because Lao Shan Dong is quite good. The last time I came to Lao Shan Dong, it was packed.  However, it was a few years ago. Maybe too much competition from Cattle Cafe? Their fish soup is quite good, but they don’t have handmade noodles.

I’ve been here before, and it’s run by the same people as the Tawainese BBT joint, The One which I’ve blogged about here:  $7.50 Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup – The One.  I quite like the TBN noodle soup there.  At Lao Shan Dong, it’s cheaper. The TBN Soup is

Braised beef Flank in Soup

only $6.95.  It’s the first line on the menu and it’s called Braised Beef Flank in Soup and you can get it spicy! The soup is very flavourful, but I remember that it is a bit oily.  The thing I like about their soup, is that it doesn’t have any MSG. I didn’t try it this time, but I’ve tried it before.   The portion sizes here are huge.  For me, it’s enough for two meals, although it’s quite possible to finish the whole thing in one sitting.  The noodles are very good here: chewy, with substance and fresh and I find that is soaks up the soup quite nicely.

This time I ordered their dry noodles, which is Noodle Topped with Ground Pork Sauceonly $6.25.  The ground pork was good, but nothing outstanding. It would be the type of food my Mama or Popo (that’s grandma in Chinese) would make. Just really simple.  There’s nothing much to say about the cucumbers, other than they provided a nice crunch and were fresh. The thing I liked most was that the portion size was huge. I took it home and saved it for lunch the next day. So as a poorstarvingstudent, I really think this is a good deal.  $6.25 handmade noodles enough for two meals.

Noodle Topped with Ground Pork Sauce

Lao Shan Dong Homemade Noodle House on Urbanspoon


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