$5 Authentic Italian Gelato at Bella Gelateria

Their business card

Hi, Stephanie here.

A few months ago, I posted about Bella Gelateria and commented about the tweets of James, the owner of Bella Gelateria. See post: Bella Gelateria – Twitter Gelato Master Unbeknownst to me, I found out a couple days later from my friend Oliver that James had tweeted about my blog.  My blog had jumped from gaining around 5 views per day (thanks mom) to about over 80 views from that point.  This definitely surprised me, and it’s where I learned a key lesson in how powerful social media can be.  Seeing the results from this post actually encouraged me to continue updating my blog, and now I’m a featured blog on Urbanspoon! Who knew?

Anyways,  fast forward to this Sunday night where my friends and I decided to visit my friend Oliver (who now works at Bella Gelateria! Small world isn’t it?) after eating some handmade noodles at Lao Shan Dong.  We weren’t sure if it was open, but were were very glad it was! Bella Gelateria opens at 8am and closes late (10pm, I

Dolce de Leche

think).  I’ve been here once before, but I didn’t take any pictures so this time I made sure to take some pictures.

When we got there, I got to meet James for the first time! He was really nice & actually remembered my post! He even remembered my suggestion for a blog. He said he was pretty new to the whole social media thing, but I think he’s got it down  very, very well.  Last time I checked, Bella Gelateria was #2 of the most talked about restaurants on Urbanspoon!

After trying some flavours, I ordered a dolce de leche.  It’s made with condensed milk. It was ultra creamy and it was so indulgent.  It was the perfect dessert and end to a night.  I usually don’t say things like this, but I have a lot of confidence that any flavour at Bella Gelateria is delicious (even though I haven’t tried all of them).  As I mentioned in my previous post, James’ gelato is AUTHENTIC. And I can say that for sure, since I’ve actually been to Italy and tried gelato multiple times.  His flavours change, so I’d recommend going to Bella Gelatiera more than once to sample their different flavours. Some other


flavours that aren’t listed on their website were salted chocolate, earl grey,  saffron rosewater to name a few.  Including tax,  one scoop is about $5.50. Looking at the serving size, the scoop is quite small, but it is oh so worth it.  It was actually quite satisfying and more filling than I expected, as the gelato is really really creamy.The night before I went to La Casa Gelato (home of over 200 gelato flavours) and the single scoop is around $5.  However, the quality of the gelato at La Casa can’t even compare with Bella Gelateria (and actually I think La Casa is overpriced since it’s become quite a novelty).  Bella Gelateria may be expensive, but I don’t think it’s overpriced.  Based on value, I think Bella Gelateria is the winner here.

So if you haven’t tried Bella Gelateria, go try it!!

P.S. I just want to make a shout out to James: Keep making gelato and keep tweeting!

Inside Bella Gelateria

Bella Gelateria: Old-World Handcrafted Gelato on Urbanspoon


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