$1 Large Iced Coffee at McDonalds

Hi Stephanie here.

$1 Large Vanilla Iced Coffee

What? Another McDonalds post again? I don’t usually eat at McDonalds, but when there’s a good deal, as a poorstarvingstudent, you know I’ll always post about it! During the summer, McDonalds offers all of its fountain drinks, and now more recently its iced coffee for $1, any size. At least this time you can actually get this deal in Canada, and they also offer this deal in the states as well! (Although, I’m sure their sizes are much bigger)

Since I work at UBC, my coworker and I went to go get the $1 Iced Coffee at Mcdonalds at the village. Since it’s pretty close to where we worked, we went there pretty much every other day. Thinking back, we went there a lot. I think too much. I never drink that much coffee anyway I think  It was also during the time of when Starbucks was offering its half-price frapps, but McDonalds is still a better deal.

The iced coffee comes in 3 flavours: regular, vanilla & caramel.  I ordered a large vanilla iced coffee and it was decently good!It wasn’t too sweet, which I liked and had a decently strong coffee flavour. Now it’s not gourmet like Starbucks, but for $1 and at McDonalds, I don’t expect it to be. As a poorstarvingstudent, I’d order the iced coffee hands down over any iced coffee beverage from anywhere else (except perhaps a Timmy’s iced cap, but that’s another story)
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