13.95 H-U-G-E Pastas at Roman Ristorante

Hi Stephanie here.

Take-out Menu

I first heard about Roman Ristorante in the Joyce area on Kingsway from my aunt & uncle who were raving about the pastas and pizza from Roman Ristorante.  I’ve been here before and the pastas are a great deal. They’re an average price, but the portions are H-U-G-E (hence the name). It’s much like the portion size of the infamous Anton’s Pasta Bar in Burnaby, where the portions are enough for 3 people.  However, the restaurant is very small (only fits about 20ish people).  The wait for the food to come out takes a bit of while, since there’s only one guy at the back cooking all the food. I’m glad to see this hidden gem is still there because this place is awesome! They have a lot of daily specials, so the pastas aren’t the only dishes that are a great deal.

This week, my family ordered take-out from Roman Ristorante. We ordered a Large Alla Vongole w/ Angel Hair Pasta and Large Capricciosa Pizza. In my opinion, the sauce on the pasta is AMAZING. However, Roman doesn’t add much (any) salt to his pasta, so at first, you might that it’s a bit bland.  But if you add the salt, WOW, it really makes the sauce sing.  I can’t

$13.95 Alla Vongole

really describe the sauce; it’s not as tomatoey & thick as you would expect, but more of a light sauce that is a little bit creamy. I can detect wine in the pasta, but it’s not overwhelming.  You have a choice what type of pasta you would like (penne, linguine, tortellini, fettuccine, rotini, whole wheat spaghetti), but I would recommend choosing the Angel Hair: just because it gets coated with the sauce more.

Though the pastas are a great value, I wouldn’t say the pizzas are of the same value. It’s kind of pricey, but they are good! I can tell they’re made in a brick oven (from the charring), so the pizzas are decently chewy & crispy. The toppings are fresh, plentiful & enough.  It’s a great, authentic Italian pizza.

On Mondays, they have a pizza special (25% off the pizzas) for dine-in only. However, when we picked up our food, they gave us the discount anyway. Score!

We only ordered two things, which came up to around $35. For four people, and as a poorstarvingstudent, I think that’s a

Large Capricciosa Pizza

great deal! Go check this place out, and make sure you order at least a large pasta!
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3 Comments to “13.95 H-U-G-E Pastas at Roman Ristorante”

  1. Definitely a hidden gem. People should skip Anton’s and head over here instead! And yes, a bit of salt really helps, they are very conservative with the salt. Agree with the pizza too, it is quite expensive.

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