$1 Yogurt Parfait at McDonalds


Stephanie here.

$1 Yogurt Parfait

Everytime I go down to the states from some shopping with friends, we always end up eating at McDonalds for some reason. Whether it’s to get a snack, some breakfast or just because we’re in the states, we always order at least one of 1) chicken nuggets 2) french fries 3)yogurt parfait.

Yes, I know that all of these things are offered in Canada, but for some reason they always taste much better (and are much cheaper!) in the states. My hands down favourite thing to get at McDonalds is the yogurt parfait. And it’s only a dollar! The parfait in Canada is a lot bigger, but it’s also more expensive. The yogurt tastes really sweet (almost as sugary as ice cream), but what I really like about the yogurt parfait is the half-thawed/frozen fruits in between the layers of yogurt. They’re actually real pieces of strawberries and blueberries inside. I know it’s just a yogurt parfait (and it’s McDonalds) but it’s deelish! It also comes with granola too. For a snack, I think McDonalds parfait is the right size. Right size & right price!


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