$3 Screamers at Danny’s Market


Mango Slush Screamer

Stephanie here.

Do you know what screamer is? Well let me tell you about the hidden gem that is in Richmond that beats a 7up slurpee, A&W Root Beer Float and perhaps Richmond bubble tea (yup, I said it).  Now that some places are charging $7-$8 dollars for bubble tea,  I’m kind of concerned that one day we will pay $10 for a drink that costs less than $2 to make. Do you remember when you could get a bubble tea with pearls for just under $5? I do! Anyway, I digress. Back to the screamers. Well, essentially a screamer is a layered mixture of soft serve ice cream and flavoured slurpee in a slurpee cup. It’s pretty unique because the guy at Danny’s Market invented it, and I’m pretty sure this is the only place where you’ll find something as awesome & thirst-quenching as this.

This time, I came here with a bunch of my Sauder friends after we ordered too much food at Chen’s Shanghainese Dim Sum. See Foodbook: Chen’s Shanghainese Dim Sum (Richmond). We were still pretty full, but we wanted to go to Danny’s Market for some screamers.

Danny’s Market is actually a convenience store so when you walk in, you also notice that they serve pizza, samosas, and other food offerings. I’ve never tried any, but they have some good combo deals with the screamers. But almost everybody here comes for the screamers. I ordered a Mango Slush Screamer. The people operating the place are pretty friendly – they always try to sell you the combo which is pretty funny. But back to the screamer.

Root Beer Screamer

First, let me tell you about the soft-serve ice cream. It is SO GOOD. This beats McDonald’s and Dairy Queen’s ice cream combined. What I noticed first, was how thick the ice cream was. It seemed chewy? But that’s what made it so good because it made other soft-serve ice cream seem watery. This ice cream was thick & creamy!

The mango slush was good. It seemed like your regular slurpee, but there’s nothing wrong with that. But when you mix the ice cream and slurpee together … WOW. It is AWESOME!  I don’t know how to really describe it – it’s kind of like eating a creamy slurpee float.  A couple of my friends got Root Beer Screamers, which I heard is a great flavour combo, but they also have Coke, Grape, Orange Crush flavours.

So if you’re ever in Richmond, why not head to Danny’s market for some screamers? I think it beats $10 bubble tea any day.

PSST: You might think that you can save some money by making your own screamer by heading out to a 7-11 for a slurpee & McDonalds for some ice cream and mixing the two, but don’t try that kids. It’ll taste bad. True story. You can never make it as good as Danny makes it.
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5 Responses to “$3 Screamers at Danny’s Market”

  1. aiya! I’m so hungry now I can’t even fall asleep!!! I have to remember not to read your delicious blog at 1am and all the stores are closed!

  2. i tried this after reading your blog. it has got uniqueness going for it, but not much else in my opinion. it was actually kind of gross. i would take a root beer float over this any day. it was so sweet and the ice cream didn’t melt when i put it in the sink with warm water. enough said… that stuff does not taste like ice cream or even normal soft serve! it was super thick and didn’t melt. i’d rather have an ice cream bubble tea… or even an ice cream float made at home.

  3. you can also get screamers in the states at most convenience stores. All Mac’s stores (which are just like 7-11s) sell screamers too. They are not so original.


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