$6.50-$8.00 Late Night Mini Meals at 54th

Hi Everyone,

$6.75 Ying Yang & Baked Pork Chop on Rice

Stephanie here.

After a tiring day volunteering at AWANA at my church, my friend and I went to have some late night eats and just catch up. We didn’t really want to drive far, so we ended up eating at 54th Cafe.

I go to Fraserlands church on S.E. Marine Drive which is very close to 54th Cafe on Kerr & 54th in Vancouver.  After fellowship or Sunday service or after volunteering at the church on Saturday nights, 54th Cafe has been the place to go to for late night eats.  54th is a HK style cafe where there is a unique mix of western influences mixed with Cantonese cuisine, (Spaghetti  anyone?). Personally, I love Hong Kong Style Cafes because 1) They are very cheap 2) The portions are almost enough for 2 meals 3) It includes a drink! At 54th, majority of these meals are about average – they cost $6.50-$8.00. Much like Honolulu Cafe. See $6.00-$8.00 Late Night Mini Meals + Drink (Honolulu Cafe)

I remember when 54th Ave Cafe first opened up – The food wasn’t very good, and I don’t think it was a HK Style Cafe back then.  Since then, I’ve always been kind of apprehensive about going here, because there are tons of other Chinese restaurants that I thought were better. But, I think 54th has changed quite a bit, and the food is pretty decent, but still, compared to other HK Style Cafes out there this one is a bit below average. Don’t get me wrong though, the food is not terrible, it’s just OK.

Almost everytime I go to HK Style Cafes, I order Baked Pork Chop on Fried Rice or something similar. Usually I order something baked. I think the pork chop is deep- fried. It’s placed over a bed of fried rice in a dish, covered with a creamy tomato sauce, topped with cheese & then baked. At 54th Cafe, this was exactly what I got. The portion was decent enough (maybe a bit smaller than what I’m used to), the pork chop was good, but I didn’t really like the breading. It seemed kind of eggy and not really like a crisp breading at all. It came out piping hot; the sauce was good and in the end, it made up for a decently satisfying meal.

For my drink, I ordered Ying Yang. It’s a mixture of coffee & milk tea. HK style coffee/tea is much different than Western Tea. It is usually a lot more creamy & sweeter, and there is a lot less of that bitter coffee taste. I usually order it cold with

Cold Milk Tea

ice, but this time I ordered it hot. At 54th, it was pretty good.

My friend ordered Sliced Beef on Flat Rice Noodles. I didn’t ask how it tasted, but I’ve had that dish before. This dish is pretty good. Just average. Nothing special, but OK.

In summary, 54th is just OK. But when you’re a poorstarvingstudent, as long as it’s a HK Style Cafe, you’ll be satisfied.
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