$1.50 Raw Oysters at Rodney’s Oyster House


Low Tide Menu

Stephanie Here.

I’ve always heard about Rodney’s Oyster House and I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about eating the oysters mostly because of the fact, that I would have to eat raw oysters. The last time I ate a raw oyster, I tried an oyster shooter and I spat it back into the shooter glass. However, my two friends really wanted to go, and they mentioned that Rodney’s Oyster House offered $1.50 raw oysters during its happy hour from Mon -Sat 3-6pm.  And guess what? I love happy hour specials.

When we walked in, it was pretty busy considering we got there around 3:30. It was a neat atmosphere; there were a lot of business professionals, and young people in there. Almost every table had a plate of raw oysters.

We ordered 20 Raw Oysters, and these oysters were amazing! I mean they were SO FRESH, and tasted so good! They also offered a variety of housemade sauces to go with the raw oysters, but I ended up preferring to eat the oysters a with just a

20 raw oysters

squeeze of lemon. They also proved complementary bread – it was nice, fresh & chewy. Perfect with the oysters.

Service was excellent. However according to my friends, they did not explain the sauces to us this time, which they normally do. My friends explained it to me anyway. We only spent 1/2 hour in the restaurant actually. It was a pretty fast visit. This is a good place if you need to be in and out pretty quick.

Now this is poorstarvingstudent post, with a word of caution. Though we ordered 20 oysters between the 3 of us, this was not a meal. The raw

oysters were not filling at all, but from my perspective, they are meant to be enjoyed as pre-meal or just an afternoon snack.  So don’t think that this isn’t a very good deal because it is. These oysters are superb, and for a $1.50 each, I think they are worth it. Oh yes, and don’t get carried away ordering more oysters just because you don’t feel full. I know a friend who ended up with a $95 bill for lunch between 2 people at Rodney’s Oyster

House Sauces!

House. Just think of eating at Rodney’s Oyster House as sort of a tapas bar and something to be savoured & enjoyed slowly.
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